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PseudonymHEATWOLF™ Portable Vehicle-mounted Microwave Powerful Deicer
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Comment / ReviewThe website claims to be selling a HEATWOL portable vehicle-mounted microwave, which helps motorists get rid of ice and snow from their vehicles during the winter.
The product attracted many people as it was the best solution they found for this issue.
The product seems to be the best solution to get rid of ice and snow without damaging the car. However, it' also seems too good to be true.
These claims unfortunately fall into the category of misleading marketing.
Even though they claim that the product helps you get rid of ice, it's actually a car air freshener that's supposed to be put in your car and not used to deice your vehicle.
Looking deeper into the website promoting it now, it seems like a suspicious online shop.
The website listed all of its products on permanent sale at very low prices. This trick is mainly used by scammers and cannot be used by genuine companies.
The only contact information available is an email address. No phone number is listed on the website.
The website has not provided any company information or business address.
The content being used is being duplicated. which means customers' personal information cannot be protected here.
Please be careful.

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