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Comment / ReviewThis is not the official Stanley website nor is it an authorized retailer, they are using the product images that they stole from to pretend as if they were the real thing and that they are having a special discounts of some sorts that would reduce the price to a point where it's just too good to be true.
You will not receive any of these mugs or flasks if you order here as this store is managed by Bin Estrella GmbH which is a shell company that chinese scammers use as a front for their ecommerce frauds.
You might get a plastic cup, a cheap mug or nothing at all, but you will not get a stanley mug here.
I want to add that the email address they used did not match the domain name of their store and was also reported of being linked to other fraudulent websites which you can read more about here:
Stay away
Edit: The only official Stanley mugs website is
Any other variation of this is simply not the official website and is likely a scam.
There have been more and more websites using mother's day and the Stanley brand to scam people like this one too :
Be careful.

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