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Scam is a page about trading btc and cryptocurrencies.
Someone send me 0.94 btc to save his money because he said I have lost my phone.
The next day he asked me to help him with the withdrawal.I tried but the website first asked me to do deposit of 0.01 btc, after I tried to do withdrawal the website asked me to deposit 0.03 btc.After I deposited, I tried again to do withdrawal, it said you should connect your trust wallet.I connected my trust wallet adresses, all my money in trust wallet get lost , and I still can't do the withdrawal.
Comment / ReviewThis is really a scam. They took all my money, by showing each time another error to don't let me withdraw. I lost more than 5000 usd by investing.

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    • Dumb Shopper 05/18/2023 at 12:56 PM

      I got took also - my order was never delivered even though the tracking information said it had been. When I contacted them, they at first were very nice, saying they were so sorry & would check into it, & did I want to place the order again & have them ship another pkg, so I said okay, let’s try that……a month later, the tracking system again said the 2nd pkg was delivered, but it was not!

      Definitely scammers, and because the shipping takes so long, there is a big wait between when it is charged to my credit card and when the pkg should be delivered. I feel really DUMB.

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