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Scam contentsAt we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to you. And to spread exactly our core vision:

To help you Express Yourself. To support you at BEING YOURSELF.
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Comment / ReviewThe website pretends to be British, but it's Chinese.
It's scamming people out of their money by never sending them what they ordered.
The website's content, data, and theme are being copied from other websites.
The pictures seem to have been stolen from other stores.
The website is also similar to numerous other dubious websites.
Be careful and do not order anything from them.

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      • Nick 03/02/2023 at 12:03 AM

        I need to find out tracking number send me in my email thank thank you
        Order: 230215065545996

      • Kat 03/04/2023 at 02:21 PM

        I received a text saying USPS could not deliver because my address wasn’t right. I looked it up and the information was correct. I paid $50 for the product. Will be contacting the bank and the Better Business Bureau about this. This obviously is a scam.

      • Howard B. 03/17/2023 at 08:24 AM

        I received my order only to find out that it was a compact travel mirror, not what I ordered!! This is a scam! Beware!

      • Lauren 03/20/2023 at 01:55 PM

        I also ordered something from them and I received a used pink head scarf! Do not buy from them! I'm going through credit card company to get a refund.

      • Mishy 04/03/2023 at 07:29 PM

        Sadly I found this website after buying a product from them. They sent me toothbrushes! $50 toothbrushes! Not the table I ordered. Will be contacting my credit card company as well about this.

      • Lyn 04/04/2023 at 07:13 PM

        Total scam. I ordered a sewing table and got a compact. Receipt said made proudly in USA but shipped from China.

      • Debi 04/07/2023 at 05:40 PM

        I ordered a sewing machine table for $49.95 and received a compact mirror which had the same tracking number as for the sewing machine table. I received 2 emails stating my item was still coming. The tracking site was phony. I finally sent an email to them stating that the bait and switch they conducted on me was illegal and that I would contact Bank of America Visa and the Attorney General of my state and the Attorney General of Illinois as that is where it was shipped from in Addison, IL.

      • Dble 05/23/2023 at 08:36 PM

        I ordered a nightstand safe and got a freakin green scarf. Lost 50 dollars to them I sure hope they get what’s coming to them.

      • Shellie 07/11/2023 at 04:05 PM

        I ordered a nightstand safe on Pinterest totaling $ 49.98 and received a placemat. The scam artist company sends just anything out to show they have shipped to your address and they keep your money. After reading some of these posts it looks like they ship out anything that fits in a small flat envelope to show they shipped something from China (not the label

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