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Scam contentsSelling vax platimum smartwash carpet cleaner. They have the padlock in the url bar but money is taken by Kent Ldn, a cosmetic company selling on line but the company is registered as a licensed restaurant.
An email was received confirming the order but no cleaner delivered. They did respond to my email questioning their validity promising they were licenced to sell the cleaners and gave a definite date for delivery but then the website and email no longer exist. Needless to say, I've not received the cleaner.
Comment / ReviewI ordered a Vax carpet cleaner from what I believed was the official Vax site but now realise it was a scam site. I wish to instigate a section 75 to reclaim my money please. This is the first time I've ever fallen for a scam.
I've attached a copy of the order confirmation email and invoice.
All email correspondence has been attached in one PDF document
Copies of the new fraudulent website have been attached as one PDF document.

The website I purchased from is no longer in existence but I’ve found the exact same site listed under a different name, It still has as it’s contact details but this email is now undeliverable.
25/12/22 – I researched the website and decided which carpet cleaner I wished to buy a couple of days earlier. I entered the name of the cleaner into google and an order page for the cleaner appearing to be the official Vax website opened. I place the order for Vax carpet cleaner for £169.
26/12/22 –I received an email of the order confirmation from There were two links enabling me to view my order as well as visiting the store. All appeared to be genuine. The link to the store showed the cleaner should be delivered on the 30th December.
29/12/22 – I checked my M&S credit card transactions and noticed that the payment of £169 had been made to a company called Kent LND. I googled Breuse to find out they are a company selling cosmetics online with a company address in Erith, Kent although the Breuse website gives the address as 68a Briggate, Shipley, the same as on
I can now see that the official Vax site is
I've googled and have found the identical non-official Vax store websites listed under different domain names. First it seemed to be Vax Ltd, then Vaxstore and the site I used was All are now flagging as scam sites. I immediately contacted M&S banking and cancelled my credit card for safety and am awaiting a new one.
I emailed expressing my concerns they'd scammed me at 17.13.
30/12/22 – I received the following reply from at 11am
“Hi, Polly, Thanks for contacting us, we understand your concern but I can confirm we are legit resellers for Vax SmartWash, the price is down because we have privileges from vax and we don't pay tax for the resale of this product.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us again.
Merry Christmas,
The Vax Customer Support Team,
Phil, +44 7537 106823" I was able to reply to this email to confirm I'd received it.

05/01/2022 – I emailed again asking for a date for delivery. This time, the links on their order confirmation email were blocked as a scam. I asked if they were scamming me and advised I would be reporting it if I’d not received confirmation of the date of delivery when I'd receive the Vax smartwash. I received a reply from them just a couple of hours later as follows:
“Hi, Polly, Thanks for Contacting Us, don't worry everything is fine your order is in delivery now, and it's very close to you, in the next 3 days you will receive it, the expected exact day is Monday and the courier will call you before the delivery.
Thanks for your patience,
if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us again we are always here to help. Kind Regards,
The Vax Customer Support Team, Andy, +44 7537 106823”
Again, I was able to reply to the email to confirm their email. When I tried to click the link, in the order email to view the store, it now was flagged as a scam.

09/01/2022 – I’ve not received any notification from a courier as advised and I now know I’ve been scammed. This morning, I’ve tried to reply to the email sent from on the 5th January but it is now bouncing back as address not found as there is no such domain as
A google search shows they are still advertising with an identical website but now under the name of and a couple of days later as

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    • Clara1923 01/20/2023 at 08:26 AM

      Unfortunately I also fell for this disgraceful scam.
      I checked the site and as someone said the site had a padlock so thought it was secure.
      For some reason I started to feel uneasy about the Company and I was right.
      I contacted my credit card company fraud department who investigated it and agreed it’s a SCAM! Fortunately my payment has been refunded by the credit card company. I kept the confirmation email confirmation from but no longer can get on to their site.

      I hope that these disgusting thieves get caught, lose their money and freedom.
      shame on them all. It’s far better to use someone else’s money than got work and earn your own.
      they are SCUM !!! Through and through.

    • Chris J 01/23/2023 at 06:41 PM

      I was also caught out with this scam, again a padlock on the webpage. I contacted Vax directly and they informed me to contact my bank because it was a scam. Cancelled my card and luckily the credit card company reimbursed me. The bank also informed me that a new credit card was requested by these scammers to be collected at a local branch. So if you have been scammed cancel your card immediately!

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