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Scam contentsMens and Womens clothing, Nike shoe, Adidas shoes etc.
They use a scam tracking number with or (same thing). The app. Is a third party but they can use the manipulated logs for the tracking number they sent you (it is fake).
Comment / ReviewOnce you pay for them, they will tell you a “track number” in 3 days from their email address for a link which they send you a bogus fake tracking number from their store….but it appears legit, but it is NOT really, AND OTHER track NUMBERS from legit couriers…BUT realize and know that their tracking number from them it is FAKE —like other track numbers from other legit companies. It took me about a month to complain and get an email to the “support” assistant worker at the store, and lied to patiently deliver for their shipment. Finally, the tracking in my town zip code to my post office and it finally “arrived.” I actually (2 miles from the house). I visited physically and go get it before supposedly they would send me a courier first (US post office will deliver a mail man…not a courier from their post office…the link told me the post office will send me a courier to my house address). The post office person at the desk said the tracking number (I supplied to them) was a fake and was not in their computers. I emailed that company at they told me i should be patiently and it would come over…..5 days ago the tracking from the view map at the track718 was over in Kansas ( 3 states away from me in Arizona). The assistant after my complaint about the fiasco the assistant said that they could not see a problem like my tracking problem, and they would contact from the “logistics company “ about the problem, and they would let us know in about 5 days to response. Finally sooner in one day after my complaining … tracking (they actually showed with my tracking number it actually delivered at my house address…but it is supposed away in the view map or their GPS to be in Kansas still. The and the actually scam customers. The actual seller has their headquarter address is located at Boulder, Colorado and actually received my original credit card from a RIITNECOMMERCE.COM a proxy to the
All of them are part of their scam infrastructure. DO NOT BUY FROM THAT NAME They Will Scam you to steal your payment for fake sneakers, clothing, etc. THEY SCAMMED ME ON ADIDAS SNEAKERS. I called my bank and tried to dispute a fraud with RIITNECOMMERCE.COM Hopefully the Bank of America ( in 10 days) my payment from these scam people will take away from their account for my dispute. I will update this comment later

  • Run! Do not pay from them. You will steal your money and no real shipment from them
  • They already delivered in Mesa, AZ  yesterday in the afternoon, but the GPS is still in Kansas…???
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