Phishing Cotton Shannon

PseudonymCotton Shannon
Scam contentsHello get back to me for more information
Reply my direct email:
Comment / ReviewI received this email from Cotton Shannon with absolutely no clear information about what they want. Definitely a ruse.

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    • Cloggy 12/05/2022 at 09:33 PM

      This is what I got from "her"


      I apologize for encroaching into your privacy in this manner;
      My name is Sergeant Shannon Cotton from Tempe, Arizona, United
      States of America. I'm a soldier, before I was serving at the base
      of the American military in the United States. But right now I am in
      Libya, I am serving in the army of the 3rd Infantry Division in Libya.

      I love meeting people, reading, traveling, sharing ideas and I also
      care about nature, human beings, love the arts, the environment etc.
      i have served in the army for 5 years and my mission here in Libya will
      end in 6 months. So I have only 6 months to spend here in Libya.
      I work as a nurse, I help to take care of wounded soldiers and
      Sometimes I help at the Military monitoring Unit or section.

      I need someone to trust, someone that will not betray me. I hate
      lies. I need someone who is kind and honest. Dear, I want to tell you
      something very important but I would like to know if I can trust you
      and if you will not betray my trust in you.

      Waiting for your prompt response.

      Have a nice day ahead.

      Probably has a large P3n1s and wants money

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