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Scam contentsNatalie Reed on Telegram texted me out of the blue 3 days ago saying that she was in Mazedonia and the local laws didn't allow for her to cash out her BTCs and whether i would help her cash out 0.99 BTC by transferring it (inter exchange) to a account which I opened in good faith to help her to transfer the BTC toi my newly opened account at Natalie transferred 0.99 BTC into my new account at but then in order for me to transfer the BTcs out of daxcoinex I was asked to verify the account by transferring in total the equivalent of 0.05 from my existing binance,com account which i did did in parts..The account was verified but then when i tried to transfer the BTC out of the exchange it said as per rule number 12 you must achieve premium status to hold and transfer / trade more than 0.5 order to achieve premium status I was asked to transfer a further tokens equivalent of 0.1 BTC in 1 transaction...which I am so far refusing to do..
Comment / ReviewMaybe Natalie Reed On Telegram in part of team and knows the restrictions that are going to be imposed and most would give up from achieving Premium status and the transferred tokens would then gradually be lost to the owner..

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