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Scam contentsCurrent website uses churned PayPal accounts to accept payment, while broken links on the website itself collect your credit card information steal your credit card number for future fraudulent transactions. About us description on the web page steals the identity of Bote founders Gary and Magda Cooper.
Comment / ReviewAfter entering my credit card information on the website, I click the pay using PayPal link to complete the same transaction with the same credit card. So now the scammers have my credit card number and my PayPal transaction, which I'm fighting PayPal to get back.
In the past few days, at least three different PayPal accounts have been used to complete transactions. Several of my friends ordered the same product from the same website only to make payments each of us through to different PayPal account. They are other churning fake PayPal accounts or using a network of money mules to facilitate the scam. Either way, PayPal's making tons on the transaction fees even after enough people come forward to report the fraud.

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