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Scam contentsThis website is using our company's phone number and address. We are a jewelry store and only sell fine jewelry. Whomever is running this site is listing all sorts of utility and garden type equipment for sale. We have been getting hundreds of calls to the store from people who think that they have purchased something legitimately from the real Fey & Co. Jewelry when in fact we ONLY sell jewelry. NOT tires, garden house, air conditioner, patio furniture, etc.
Comment / ReviewPLEASE TAKE THIS SITE DOWN. People are being scammed as they see that the price point is low for the item that they have Googled and hence think they are getting a deal. THIS IS FRAUD. Not only has our Business been impacted but countless other people have been victimized as well by these individuals using the Fey & Co. Jewelers information. A family owned and operated Jewelry Store which has an outstanding reputation. They are using PayPal as their Payment Gateway. PLEASE TAKE THIS SITE DOWN.

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