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Scam contentsWebpage and on the dating app tinder. They also contact peoples trough discord and telegram.
Comment / ReviewHello! I would like to inform that is a webpage used by scammer pretending to be girls on the dating app "Tinder"
They use the targeted persons emotions to make them invest.
A guy in norway who is leading a crypto group named "BE" Got contacted its about 20 people in the group. He led his whole group to invest in a coin called RWRC in coinym. My girlfriend was in the group so i have been watching their telegram from the beginning.
First they had to pay an entry price on around 112 000$
When they got "verified" they put in their investement that was around 150 00$ togehter. A month later some issues started happening. So they had to pay another 85 000$ for an account review.. The coin will release next week and they have already 300x their money, but they cant cash out. I try my best to warn them but its impossble. People might lose alot of money to this website. Please help me get the website closed!
I have mailed the website. They have a gmail and pretend to be serious,but they answer really rude and unprofssional.
I tried to invest a small amount of 20$. On the page i already have 10x my money in a week. Now i got banned because i mailed them about their unprofssional website .

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