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Scam using Paypal :


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Scam contentsfollowed an Add on MSN and ordered 2 pair of shoes. It directed me to PayPal which processed the payment, however no product was received, an order confirmation and the email associated to the PayPal invoice is fake.
Comment / ReviewThis add still pops up on various browsers

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    • Love2cook405 04/25/2022 at 04:53 PM

      I ordered a nice pair of shoes for my husband that were supposed to be especially for diabetics. What I received (not even in a box) was a very cheap, flimsy almost paper thin pair of shoes that looked nothing like what was advertised on the internet. Not a stitch of leather as advertised on them. Don't be fooled by this scam artist. The return address is Alejandro Ruiz 1550 Glenn Curtiss Street, Carson, CA. 90740. The email address to contact in case of complaint or refund request is It does not exist or there is no phone number and the one listed for this con artist is disconnected. DON'T BUY FROM THEM. The charge on my Discover is thru Paypal.

    • NoFunforNoOne 04/29/2022 at 02:44 PM

      I ordered 3 pairs of shoes from these thieves. Social media like Facebook and Microsoft Edge News, runs their advertisements. They send Paypal fake tracking numbers and until someone opens a dispute, Paypal continues to allow people to get taken in by these frauds.

    • Fazzer 05/02/2022 at 09:45 AM

      I have been scammed also. so sick of it. The 3rd time is a charm! NEVER will I ever buy from an ad on MSN!!! JUst reeived a pair of shoes from this same mentioned place and got 3 sizes bigger and with NO size anywhere on the shoe. I know it too is a knockoff!!!

    • Cecilia 05/02/2022 at 02:00 PM

      I received 2 pairs of shoes but they are definitely not as advertised..."orthopedic shoes"??? No way! Very cheap construction with NO arch or sole support. Paypal says contact the seller. No response so far...If seller does not respond I will contact PayPal and request a refund. Wish I had checked for scam potential before BAD!!!

    • Mary 05/02/2022 at 05:42 PM

      I fell for it too! Buyer beware!!!!

    • seamus 05/06/2022 at 05:45 PM

      Seems I too have been scammed! The Croc-like shoes arrived, but hardly as advertised -- and they don't fit. Too small. The ad told me to order my regular size shoe, and I find them too small. No place to send them back. Per instructions, I arrived on this boo-hoo page of like complaints. I'll just crawl into a corner and join you in my lament.

    • Sara P 05/09/2022 at 04:25 PM

      Me too! Ordered a pair of “orthopedic “ shoes. Received (in a plastic bag with zero return name or address) a cheap synthetic shoe with zero support and the cheapest materials imaginable. I am onto them though! My bank is working with me to settle this.

    • Max D. 05/10/2022 at 01:14 PM

      I have been scammed too! I ordered shoes, they are too big and arrived wrapped in a bag, not a box.They are too big and poorly made, with no return address or phone number. I'll never order from any thing on MSN.

    • Jan 05/10/2022 at 06:35 PM

      I, too, received the shoes wrapped in a bag, not a box. These are the cheesiest shoes I have ever seen. The picture of them look of good quality. They do not fit right, either. I want my money back a.s.a.p.

    • Jan 05/10/2022 at 06:41 PM

      Their return address is Joe Doe, 230-39 Rockaway Blvd Bldg B, Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
      How do y ou get a hold of this company?

    • Kimberly 05/10/2022 at 10:29 PM

      I too have been scammed. I just recieved my so called Orthopedic shoes for my mom. It came wrapped in plastic. You could still smell the adhesive on these 5.00 shoes. The so called shoes have plastic soles. I am soooo disappointed and pissed off.

      I have never been scammed in my life. He/she has messed with the wrong family. My husband and uncles are detective's and bounty hunters.

      We will find them. I will keep you all posted

    • Jude 05/12/2022 at 01:21 PM

      Unfortunately, I did not see all of this information before I, too, ordered 3 pairs of these "ortho" comfy shoes. I was so stunned to see the mentioned above, cheap plastic shoes and so uncomfortable. No support whatsoever! Just filed a claim with Paypal. So annoyed!!

    • gotscammed 05/18/2022 at 12:52 PM

      total scam!!!!!! dont order these bs shoes!!!!! :/

    • ODSGKB 05/20/2022 at 10:08 AM

      I also ordered 2 pair of shoes on 5/16…and method of payment was PayPal from my checking account, I was immediately suspicious when the confirmation from PayPal said was the vendor…not Posqure. I then came across this website. I emailed on Thursday and demanded that they cancel my order and issue a refund. Imagine my surprise to receive an email in the wee hours of the morning, agreeing to cancel order and issue refund. Although they did offer me an additional 10% off my order if I didn’t cancel it. I reiterated again that I wanted a refund and would you believe, my checking account was credited within 6 hours (less 5% restocking fee). I urge anyone to email caps.lehony and demand a refund.

      I told

    • Rose 05/23/2022 at 12:55 PM

      I will never order off of Facebook Marketplace again since the ads can't be trusted and you don't realize that you are ordering something from China and you WILL GET RIPED OFF...JUST DON'T DO IT!!!!!...Facebook doesn't care.


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