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Scam contentsClaiming to be a Crypto Currency exchange with likeness of actual crypto exchange ""

Advertising on Discord of crypto "pump and dump" schemes under the Discord group name "Pump Manipulator"
Comment / ReviewFraudulent exchange, unable to withdrawal coins once deposited. Blocked me from one group advertising same exchange when I began to raise questions

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      • The cactus guy 11/18/2021 at 09:12 AM

        Lol I'm in two groups right now and they post identically every single day. Here's a tip: ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS do research first. The coins they mentioned were questionable and very sus. Their discord channels don't even have public chatrooms. There is no help or support chat in their discord server. The site itself; bitlue has also sus credentials and is relatively new which would make you wonder even more. In the end there's simply too many red flags on this one but I'm thankful I didn't fall for this, I've already fallen for a single crypto scam and I've lost about 50 bucks. Stay safe everyone scammers are everywhere and don't get too greedy.

      • Lone ranger 11/18/2021 at 03:21 PM

        Definite scam, advertise pump and dump on Discord. No live trading so cannot see what the market is doing.

        Tricks you into thinking you've made money but cannot actually withdraw. Another scam i've fallen for, luckily not a huge amount.

      • Report #416632 11/18/2021 at 03:30 PM

        pump and dump website
        I cannot withdraw my money

        Pseudonym : bryce

      • Br0therj?y 11/18/2021 at 09:55 PM

        Do not get tricked into depositing money into the exchange. It is a well built fake exchange, but there are key things that are missing though, most importantly the order books. The pumps are obviously manipulated by the team that run it, as any placed sell order did not kick in as the prices “surged”. You will be tricked into thinking you made money, and will be tempted to add the additional 0.01btc that is required to release the funds. Just don’t do it. You will regret it.

      • Sp4c3r 11/19/2021 at 05:24 PM

        Just got banned from a discord group called 24/7 when I exposed them.

      • Connor 11/20/2021 at 07:50 PM

        Anyone know how to get your money back?

      • Shay 11/24/2021 at 09:36 AM

        I was contacted through discord to participate in crypto trading, I used their referral link and deposited bitcoin, about $600 worth. I was unable to verify my account in order to use that bitcoin and put in a support ticket. They never responded and now my account no longer exists.

        Is there a way to get this back without using this particular exchange?

      • Hus 11/30/2021 at 07:04 AM

        This cyber service is for real?

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