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Scam contentsBooked a motel room through this company and have to cancel and cannot find a number or website to cancel the reservations,
Comment / ReviewJust trying to cancel some hotel reservations and cannot find away of doing it on the website

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    • Judge Dredd 04/13/2023 at 03:17 AM

      Many users have reported negative experiences with, a website through which they have booked hotel rooms. The common complaints include being overcharged with hidden fees and taxes, difficulty in canceling reservations, and receiving misleading information. Some users thought they were booking directly with the hotel or through a trusted platform like but were surprised to find out that they were dealing with instead.

      A number of users have reported that they were charged much more than the advertised room rates, often due to additional fees and taxes that were not disclosed upfront. This has led to frustration and dissatisfaction among customers. In some cases, users have had to cancel their reservations and rebook through other platforms or directly with the hotel, saving them a significant amount of money.

      Another issue users have encountered is difficulty in canceling their reservations. Some users have struggled to find a phone number or website through which they can cancel their bookings. Others have reported that they were unable to get refunds for reservations they tried to cancel, even when they contacted the company immediately after making their booking.

      Misleading information is another concern for users of Some have reported that they thought they were booking with well-known hotel chains or booking platforms, only to discover that they were actually dealing with This has led to confusion... Read more

    • Joel Chin 03/24/2021 at 07:01 PM

      They charged me $121 in fees,and tax

    • Susan Moore 04/01/2021 at 10:15 AM

      I booked a room for $70 on my phone and was charged $114, $44 dollars for fees! This is clearly a bait and switch site for weary travelers. When I got to the hotel they had no knowledge of the site.

    • Mona 04/08/2021 at 07:00 PM

      We booked a room for $107 and the final bill was $169! I had done a search for a room and thought I was dealing with Never again!

    • Deedoles 04/10/2021 at 04:17 PM

      Booked a two night stay. Called the hotel the next day to confirm. The hotel had no record of my reservation and the confirmation number didn't match their numbers. Will have to cancel charge through my bank.

    • Joe H 05/08/2021 at 05:16 PM

      Stay clear of this site. I booked a room on the go to stay for the night. The cost of the room was what was nationally advertised. However I was over charged $60 in recovery fees. This company is a definate scam. I reached out to them, but they won't even respond.

    • Al 05/23/2021 at 12:56 PM

      We booked a night last minute at the Edge in Clearwater. Showed up at the Edge and they had no record of a reservation. Found out these folks represented themselves as the Edge. They actually booked a room at some other unknown hotel off the beach for the high beach rate. Not sure how this can happen but sure seems pretty sketchy.

      were promised the misleading reservation would be canceled and charged to the credit card reversed within seven days. We will see.

    • Miguel 06/03/2021 at 01:20 PM

      You ara a fraud ,

      I see a 1290.00 cost, but when I paid you charged me 2483.00

    • Miguel 06/03/2021 at 01:21 PM

      you never answer mi phone calls , I dont recomend to use your fraud company you are tremendous Thief

    • Miguel 06/03/2021 at 01:31 PM


    • Aquamarine 06/12/2021 at 12:37 PM

      Just looked at the site for a hotel mad was charged just for clicking on! 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Then they had the nerve to say I booked it and I didn't!

    • Kim 06/18/2021 at 06:01 PM

      googled the hotel i wanted (Hyatt Place in Verona Wisconsin) somehow got them instead of Hyatt...didn't realize i wasn't talking to Hyatt, went ahead and booked. Original rate was $137 per night, website says cancellable...when i talked to them it was $147 if i wanted to able to cancel...3 nights @ $147 totaled to $620.17 so $179.17 in BS fees. Canceled and rebooked direct with Hyatt, $115 per night, 3 nights, all in $388.13. I was booking 2 rooms so canceling and rebooking saved $232.04 x 2 = $464.08

    • Gabrielle Gillenwater 06/23/2021 at 12:01 PM

      Tried to book a room through Hampton Inn; Google led me to Eduardo from Hotel Values/Get a Room led me to believe that he was with Hampton Inn. He lied many times and misled me. Now, I can’t get a refund for a fraudulent activity that was done an hour ago.

    • Am 07/11/2021 at 08:26 AM

      I booked a room and they charged my card immediately. When I came to hotel the staff said they had no reservation - i showed them reservation with reservation number but the reservation was not confirmed from hotelvalues. So i had to pay for the room on site. Definitely they are scammers.

    • EV 07/20/2021 at 04:41 AM

      Same story here. They dressed up very well as the hotel chain where I thought I was booking. I am quite experienced in online hotel bookings, probably in excess of 500 for private use, and this is the first time this happens to me. They charged ma an extra 45% for nothing. It is an ABSOLUTE SCAM.
      At the hotel they thought the room was booked through Agoda.... Probably on the hotel side of things they dressed up as Agoda.
      To be avoided, but that is not so obvious if a seasoned online hotel booker like myself can get trapped.

    • PLS 07/31/2021 at 01:10 AM

      I thought I was on Hilton’s website. Did not know it was third party. Now I need to cancel and cannot. Not happy!!

    • Plankylad 08/05/2021 at 04:33 AM

      I have no idea how I got onto this scam website as I am sure I was on Millenium Hotels, however, the booking does not exist, and no way of requesting a refund.
      Hope my card company can return my payment.
      There should be a way of removing this scam site.

    • SnowDog 08/09/2021 at 02:05 PM

      Made a reservation on line as I was passing through Ohio looking for a place to stay that evening. Was pinged by my credit card that a charge was just made and I noticed it was for over $100 more than stated on the website. Neither or the hotel would cancel the reservation (that I made under false pretense just 30 minutes prior to the call) because it was within 3 days of the stay. Credit card needs evidence of dispute but there is no one to provide documentation of the dispute.

    • AJ 08/21/2021 at 11:35 PM

      Yup. I got caught by this one too. Apparently the company makes the booking with the hotels using Priceline. They clearly do not have any relationship with the hotels. They quote the Priceline price and add their fees. Aweful. Reported sites to Google.

    • Mal B 08/25/2021 at 06:16 AM

      Mal B, Spain
      Booked on what I thought was hotel website, but no it was these scam merchants.
      Hotel charges Euros 453,32 and these shucksters Euros 622,64.

      I was one of the lucky ones and cancelled through there own site and they returned 95%.
      It is a con please steer clear of "Guest Reservations"

    • lhaw, USA 08/25/2021 at 04:59 PM

      100% a scam. Went on the website I thought was Hyatt- not sure how they did that- Booked for the Hyatt at the Orlando airport. Double checked it was supposed to be the international. When I got there they said hotel values or their other name of Getaroom does this all the time. The hyatts are closely named. I was instead to be placed in one 20 min away. (Mind you were coming in from different flights late and leaving the next morning. No transportation. mobility issues) Both hotels agreed to switch it back due to mobility issues. Getaroom- or hotel values refused. I had to buy another night at the hotel at the airport. How do we get this website scam of pretending to be what they are not stopped? This is a third party and they cost more!

    • RonKo 09/24/2021 at 12:25 PM

      The Tax Recovery Charge is outrageous, they are charging about half of the room rate for so-called Tax Recovery. The website does not allow for complaints and the phone number will not accept anything but reservations. Never use Hotel Values.

    • Anita 09/30/2021 at 08:32 PM

      As soon as I booked I realized the dates were wrong. I called immediately and they were impossible. I said I’m not cancelling. I just need to change the dates. Absolutely not. No refund. Screw us. Got an email from a manger and I called her immediately and she said no. She said only thing I could do was contact the hotel directly. So I had to pay $15 to call international and the hotel was closed due to covid. Then I contacted my credit card. They investigated and said we had cancelled and I said no. They did nothing. I then contacted the attorney general and they did nothing. I gave up. I despise that company. These people need to be out of business. And they need to be reported to the BBB

    • Morten Mus 10/16/2021 at 02:41 PM

      Must admit I have been exposed to a fraud/scam. Thought I was on the site I confirmed the price of €55 online for one night at Savoy in Pireus on my mobile. However, I got charged $94.68 where of $30 charges and fees in a confirmation mail after I had been stupid enough to give the company my card information for the pre-booking. The point is as many of us have experienced, that there was no information about these charges in advance. This is not a legal way to do business. Besides the charges itself was 50% of the total room costs. This is of course outrageous. Tried to get in contact by mail, but the bird was flown. I'm not sure to who we should report this to. Maybee to the real

    • Michael 10/18/2021 at 04:03 PM

      This site is a rip off. They charge me over 40 dollars for fees and tax for the same hotel i paid 16 dollars for 4 days before

    • HPAR 10/20/2021 at 10:57 AM

      I thought I was on the hilton website as well. Same thing happening to me as others. I want to cancel and they will not let me. Getting the runaround on the phone. I am not happy.

    • Douglas 10/20/2021 at 02:42 PM

      They somehow redirected me from the real hotel chain website to their fraudulent website. Without realizing that, I made a reservation. They do not provide a refund once you make a reservation. If this happens to you I suggest calling your credit card company directly to report a fraud.

    • SKIP 11/16/2021 at 04:55 PM

      absolute fraud. hard to understand why they haven't been shut down.

      called 5 min after i made reservatiion....went from hilton website to them.

      wouldn't let me cancel.


    • Carrie 11/28/2021 at 10:25 PM

      Just like many others on here, this company completely scammed me. Thought I was on the sandman site until I clicked the final payment button and then noticed an extra 50 in charges! They were unwilling to help at all, probably because the are SCAMMERS!! I'm so mad, learned my lesson the hard way I guess 🙁

    • LP 12/07/2021 at 04:11 PM

      This phone number is a 4th party scam.

    • joan 12/23/2021 at 02:41 PM

      crooks. messages to them cannot be delivered.

    • Mandy 12/31/2021 at 01:00 PM

      I agree with the above comments that this website is a total scam and hides fees for their “service” when all they do is make it more difficult. I waited over 30 mins on hold with them for a 150 hidden charge for “fees” on a 350 reservation which included taxes and their service fee which they could not provide me a break down of what was included. This wound up with a 34 dollar refund but they couldn’t verify how much they actually charged me in fees . Steer clear !

    • Duped 01/03/2022 at 08:32 AM

      Absolutely a scam:
      Website masqueraded as the hotel website, thought I was booking direct with the hotel - not sure how they do this.
      Price was confirmed as £158 for 2 nights, which was reasonable, but somehow during the payment process the price had suddenly increased to £275, only showed up following the payment.
      I book loads of hotels during a year & never come across this before - they are good scammers - GET THEM SHUT DOWN PLEASE!!!

    • JP 02/02/2022 at 08:12 PM

      Complete scam....over $400. in fees on top of reservation! HILTON needs to look into these gdam scumbags....they jump you into their site and you believe you are dealing directly with HILTON! Giving the HILTON a very bad reputation as well!

    • aa 02/15/2022 at 03:16 PM

      I had the same thing happen as all the above. I was just checking prices on priceline and it jumped over to hotel values and said I confirmed my booking. I called and was unable to cancel or change anything. I was charged $125 more in fees. Such a scam. I am now working with my credit card to dispute the claim but after reading comments above, it is unlikely. I will never use priceline or hilton again.

    • Fatima 02/22/2022 at 10:09 PM

      I'm having the same issue as everyone else.The original amount was $117 and they charged me$197.Horrible!

    • Kevin P 02/28/2022 at 03:51 PM

      I booked a room via this website in Brazil, but they charged USD to my Brazilian credit card the overall cost was 50% more. There is no link or email address where you can cancel the reservation even though they say you can cancel.

    • mike 03/04/2022 at 11:33 AM

      Made a hotel reservation. Then found the identical room for $140 less total on another , more-well-known booking site. Cancelling Hotel reservation through this company proved quite challenging! ! The number on my email confirmation leads to another booking company that doesn't have the reservation. The hotel desk says I have to cancel through Priceline. Priceline has no record of the reservation. Finally I find the correct number to cancel, 800-327-1200, online and cancelled.

      I made sure to speak to a human to get a cancellation number, just in case....

    • blwilcox 04/25/2022 at 09:50 PM

      They charged $377.91 for a room that the hotel charged $124.

    • kurt 04/27/2022 at 04:42 PM

      I thought I was booking directly with the hotel. Instead I got hotel When reservation arrived, they had added almost $300 to the cost. I immediately cancelled.

      they said they would refund money in 20 days. when I contacted them they said they paid the hotel and I had to get the money from the hotel. I contacted the hotel and they never get paid until I arrive. Of course I didn't. hotelvalues said if I get an email from the hotel saying they never got paid, they would refund. I did. then they said they wanted to refund my money but the hotel would not allow it. Hotel sent both of us an email stating that they are fine with me being refunded. Now they are avoiding me.

    • Josh 04/30/2022 at 03:47 PM


      Charged 115 too much
      Called customer services...major sketch.

    • Dave Strobl 05/09/2022 at 12:50 PM

      just got scammed. Thought i was at a hotel site as these guys took great efforts to make it look like they were the hotel's site. You cannot cancel without a HUGE penalty and unable to talk to anyone. Need to take these people down. SCUM

    • Janine 05/12/2022 at 05:47 AM

      I got scammed with the site and it came up as the Hilton. Got taken for £204. Nothing anyone can do about it.

    • Siraprapa 05/16/2022 at 08:49 PM

      The website shown about 100 usd for my two night stay in Le Meridian Phuket but charged me over 316 usd. I cancelled immediately but they fully charged the total amount as "fee". Also the hotel had no confirmation about my booking!!

      They make their website to look like the original hotel and placed a google ad to be the first link in the search. Steer clear, total scam!!

    • Lana 06/01/2022 at 03:57 AM

      I booked a stay in an Adelaide motel, not knowing these guys are scam artists. I have since had to cancel & I can't get through to them by phone or email..just lost $600.

    • DoH1939 06/13/2022 at 08:02 AM

      Had similar experience - the "confirmation" email didn't look like a typical Hilton mail so I was suspicious and tried to confirm directly with the hotel web-site but the reservation number wasn't accepted. When I tried to confirm with, I was told it had been booked through another site and was redirected and they said there was no booking with that number. I was able to make human contact (not a "virtual assistant") with Hilton and they confirmed that there was a reservation in my name with the correct dates at the hotel. Finally a very helpful lady at the hotel was able to make the reservation "official" with a correct Hilton reservation number and sent me a real Hilton confirmation email so I feel happy now that the scam site can't just cancel the reservation and keep my money. It took a lot of trouble and cost a lot of phone calls but it was worth it. The apparent hotel website I booked through was an exact copy of the real site (all the same photos etc) and even gives "" at the top so you think you are on the correct Hilton site. I'm sure it's illegal but the the people I spoke to on the Hilton site are probably powerless to stop it - even if a scam site is taken down, another two just pop up.

    • jj 07/17/2022 at 02:37 PM

      I thought I was making reservations directly to the hotel and when I was booking it I realized it was south of where I wanted and called and they could not do it. Plus they charged over $350 for fees and when I called this number 18003271200 very rude and he asked what was my last four numbers of my card number and I told the AH why do you need that you just burned me for over $1600 for hotel for two days!!!!

      I highly suggest you call directly to hotel as they will pop in and you do not see it until it is toooooo late.

    • Mike R 07/20/2022 at 01:18 PM

      This company is a total fraud. Cancel the reservation immediately. I was double booked. Spent over 10 hours jacked around on the phone, etc. Overcharged me a fee of $350, and then I was double booked, so I paid $850, twice!! - Someone needs to file a class-action lawsuit. If that happens, I will gladly join.

    • Paul 07/27/2022 at 04:56 PM

      Complete fraud. Charged a whopping $500 in booking fees!

    • T1 07/29/2022 at 11:01 AM

      Does anyone know how you can safely challenge a Hotel Values reservation? I am just worried that if I re-book the room I might end up losing the challenge and end up paying twice for the same room?

    • BF 08/08/2022 at 06:09 PM

      Wow, so much of what I read here is exactly what happened to me. Thought I was booking a room on the Hampton Inn Naples website, it looked like the legitimate website. Two nights for $624, with $252.00 in fees!! No way to cancel. One customer support said I was booked through Priceline, which was a fabrication. Priceline had no record of my reservation. As someone mentioned, my email confirmation was suspicious looking, no name of a hotel listed, just a picture and some funky R-------- intinerary number. Definitely a scam, I've been sucked in like so many others. I did call the Hampton Inn and I do have a reservation - I had them give me the correct reservation number. The hardest part is my reservation was supposed to be a group rate for a wedding, which is half of what I've spent now. I'm not tech savvy so it amazes me how this company can infiltrate a known website like that and fool people. I know, I'm just naive...

    • Kiersten 08/15/2022 at 04:38 PM

      I was charged $223 dollars extra on a $170.00 hotel room for 2 nights at the Hampton Inn on Gould Drive in Bossier City, LA. I am so very pissed that The Hampton does not police their partners. The lady at the desk was nor aware of anything cause the reservation went through a third. That will never happen again.

    • Deb 08/22/2022 at 02:15 AM

      Was just scammed an additional $2000 on a booking of what I thought was an Australian Hotel on their own Australian website...Booking did get to the hotel through Agoda worth $1098.88 yet I was charged $3,152.00. They had created a website link on the google search results with the "". During booking I selected the rate, entered the credit card details then when presented with the booking confirmation it was $2000 more expensive. No-where to cancel, the agoda booking number that the hotel gave me is completely different, and does not bring up a booking on the agoda website.

    • Bridge 10/11/2022 at 07:30 PM

      I thought i was booking through a hotel website direct rather than going through a booking agent. The confirmation email came from Hotel Values. Also, I had been charged double what initially I was told on the screen before placing the booking. Ive phoned the hotel direct and they have the booking however I've yet to wait and find out whether they get the money or I have to still pay! Having read these comments here I'm wondering whether I've been done!!!

    • Jord 11/10/2022 at 05:43 PM

      Double charged. No refund. Do not book.

    • AC 11/16/2022 at 10:48 AM

      DO NOT BOOK.

      Total scammers who got away with stealing money from all of us.

    • GUILLERMO 01/06/2023 at 01:07 PM

      This comment is written in a different language than the report. It is hidden for comfort reasons
      Click here to view it anyway...

    • SA 02/21/2023 at 09:50 PM

      I made a booking with who I thought was the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. I had asked for a parking space but it didn't show on the confirmation so I rang the Hilton to check the reservation. Of course it did not exist. is a definite scam. From the previous comments this has been going on for a long time. Luckily I found out about it early and cancelled the credit card.

    • Ally 03/18/2023 at 06:48 PM

      prenteded to be the hotel as I was intended to book directly with the hotel. charged me 25 pcent more collected all the money upfront no refund or cancellation. The only reason I accepted the deal is because I thought I was speaking directly to the hotel.

    • Bea 05/03/2023 at 06:07 PM

      I wish I had seen all of these comments before getting "suckered" in by this company. I called them in an attempt to cancel my reservation and no one answers the telephone. I checked with the hotel and I suppose that I should be happy that I actually have an overpriced reservation ($103.42 service fees!). Like some before me, I did not realize that I was dealing with a 3rd party and they did nothing to dispel that erroneous belief.

    • TCH 05/22/2023 at 06:20 PM poses as a legitimate hotel booking service and apparently takes your money as soon as you give them your credit card number - and they add a large, extra charge that is invisible to the hotel operator. In an email ”reservation confirmation”, this extra charge is labeled, “Tax Recovery Charges & Service Fees”. I thought I was booking two nights for me and my husband at a rate of about $200, but with the add-on of $147.07, that rate turned out to be about $280. We stayed at the hotel without incident but were unaware of the fraudulent charge. Unfortunately, we checked out without getting their on-site receipt, so we have no way of proving our case to our VISA company. We cannot complain to “Hotel Values” because their website is invalid, (“This site cannot be reached”), and their 800 number gives the caller no option to speak to an agent. Online, I see many similar complaints about These people are crooks.

      Dates: May 15 & 16, 2023
      Hotel: Holiday Inn Express, Sequim, Washington State
      “Merchant”, as seen on my VISA activity report: CCI*HOTEL RES 800-468-3578 TX
      Charge: $558.84 (which $147.07 higher than it should be)

    • Catherine 07/28/2023 at 11:18 AM

      You can call your credit card company and dispute the charge. They will generally hold the charge until they investigate the dispute, and the company. Everyone that has been defrauded by them should do so. This way the credit card company will see a pattern and hopefully stop allowing that company to take credit card payments. I also got defrauded because I reserved a hotel room on a site that looked identical to the hotel site (I had reserved that hotel many times before) following a google search, where that copied site appeared at the top. I clicked on "cancellable" room reservation, even tough it was more expensive, in order to have the option to cancel if needed given uncertain personal circumstances. But they they proceeded to charge the credit card right away, rather than only using the credit card to hold the room, as the hotel would have done for a cancellable reservation. The non cancellable rate would have been a lot less, and on top of it, they also added a huge surcharge. When I called to question and asked for a refund (given that I had clicked on the cancellable room) they said that they could cancel but that the refund was not guaranteed. I did not cancel because I did not want to end up with no room and a huge bill. I did email the hotel to report the fraud and encourage them not to do business with that company, and also called the credit card company to dispute the bill. They said they would stop the payment and deal directly with that company. I hope they... Read more

    • WCofBendorff 07/31/2023 at 04:25 AM

      I was able to cancel the reservation and received the money back using the telefon number 001 (855) 470-1527. The number listed on the Guest Reservations - Reservation Confirmation always ended up that no reservation was found respective to the confirmation number r misunderstanding all the time th enumber and no way to enter the number on the key board. Guess this number is only to annoy users and has no real function.
      The second email Guest Reservations listed the above number 001 (855) 470-1527and I was able to cancel the reservation and received immediatly my money back. So wish you guys the same luck.

    • NotHappy 08/01/2023 at 12:24 AM

      I have no idea how they managed to do it, but after booking a room on I got a confirmation from Both places charged for the one night stay (hotelvalues added some fees which increased the rate considerably). Don't waste your time trying to call that number to get a refund. They say the wait is 2 minutes but no one ever answers the phone. I tried several times, each time holding for 20 minutes. Agree with everyone posting here, Avoid. I am contesting this charge with the credit card.

    • Drwho 08/13/2023 at 06:58 PM

      Total rip off. Thought I was booking on the hotel web site but somehow it was redirected to these guys. Charged me a 40% fee for nothing resulting in a very expensive stay. Who says crime doesn’t pay. Stay clear of these guys.

    • Lauren 08/31/2023 at 02:59 PM

      I was sure I clicked on a specific Wyndam hotel, as I had stayed in the same one twice already this summer, and I knew I had to book directly through Wyndam to get credits on my account. The rate was $20 lower than usual and no fees or taxes were shown. It was shown as non refundable but since I had dealt with Wyndam before I thought it was a Labor Day special. AFTER I made the non refundable payment they finally showed there were $61 of fees and taxes. I called immediately and they wouldn't refund. I'm not going to cancel the credit card payment in case they win the dispute I don't want to double pay. I WILL call the credit card company and let them know. When I googled "" the FIRST thing that came up was ScamWatcher.

    • Hal 09/16/2023 at 07:04 PM

      Booked 2 nights at Holiday Inn. and got confirmation from hotel I was given a total for the 2 nights and everything seemed ok. I paid the amount with my credit card. I then received a confirmation by email.

      Much to my surprise the amount charged to my account was about $100 higher.

      The email showed the amount to be in US dollars. When I first ordered the rooms the amount was not showing US dollars. I assumed I was looking at Canadian totals. Scam all the way.

    • Mike121516 09/27/2023 at 05:03 PM

      Went direct to the Hotel website in Vienna. Charge was $897.16 for our stay. These Hotel Value thieves somehow got a hold of the reservation and added $444.46 to my CC. My hotel showed me how much they received and it was the $897.16.

      HERE is is thing though. The hotel gave this thieving physical address:
      3010 Lyndon B Johnson FWY
      Dallas TX, 75234

      This is the event you want to and complain in person during or after hours!

    • emlb 10/25/2023 at 08:07 PM

      Also scammed. On booking 2 nights at the Coachman Hotel Cowes, Phillip Island, believing the cost to be $ We received a confirmation same day 15/10/2023, for $446:03. Complaints to the Motel manager on 16/10/2023, who received a receipt for $33:00 for our booking., via Booking.Com - Noone could understand this. The booking went to Hotel Values in USA and we were charged exchange rates and other fees. Why?? when I booked an Australian Motel with Australian dollars.

    • MW 01/08/2024 at 07:02 AM

      Same thing happened to me. I booked a hotel in the Philippines and then Hotel Value charged me $300 more. So awful. Not sure what to my credit card company or just go to the hotel even though it will costs be $950 for one night!!! So awful!

    • Atlas_1211873 01/29/2024 at 12:59 PM

      I tried to book a hotel room and about to submit my booking and something popped up and I couldn't get behind it to confirm my booking

    • Bobbie 02/03/2024 at 11:26 AM

      I thought I was on the hotel website. Only realised my mistake when I got my confirmation. Phoned the hotel and checked that my booking was there, which it was, but I was overcharged and it seems that it can't be cancelled, which would have enabled me to rebook through the hotel.

    • Pádraig Ó Ruanaí 02/12/2024 at 02:44 AM

      On Feb 4th 2024 I booked a room for 2 for two nights in the Men;o Park Hotel, Galway. The price shown was €194,06 . This was the amount I agreed to pay when I gave my credit card details. However, surreptitiously added €102,85 under the fraudulent guise of 'Tax Recovery Charges & Service Fees ' IN OTHER WORDS THEY SCAMMED me out of €102.85.

      Tax Recovery Charges & Service Fees (See Details Below)


      Amount Paid €296,91

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