Lottery scam

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These scam starting from dating apps(tantan). At first I match with this girl. And then we shared mobile number.Actually These girl works together to scam you guys, starting from hundred dollars and this girl teach you what to do with this (f2f vip) scam internet lottery website,which still I didn't know how to predict this (bigsmall, little double, etc) games.

And then this girl keep motivating you to invest thousands and more dollars to coin spot and then put the USDT to f2f scam website,as you win dozens of dollars at first when you play. I just realized sooner,so my money still in my coin spot account.

Beware my man, don't be fooled with these trick.

I already told you, the choice is in your hand. I owe this website for helping me sooner to identify these scammers, so I wrote here.

We can take them down if we join hands and keep sharing information and data here also wherever possible.

Attached below are the photos of my romance scammers

  • Photo used by the scammers on dating app
  • Also not real person I thought
  • The lottery scam(I didn't understand a bit about these things)
  • Also the scammers website
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