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Telephone+1 929-669-4061 (ou 0019296694061) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsNot sure wht kind of scam they are trying
Comment / ReviewNot sue but received message on WhatsApp regarding we will pay you a good amount if you will provide review on our film so that they can attract investers.

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telephone number analysis +1 929-669-4061

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  • +1 929-669-4061
United States
New York
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    • Ant 03/05/2024 at 05:53 PM

      What they do: you deposit a money in ETHs. So, you have to create your account on some crypto platform. And for the fee transfer ETHs to them, they will review and add money to your account balance. Per a day you should complete clicking on the pop-uped window ranking a movie. You have to complete 32 clicks, then send a request to their support to set the account to starf a second task of 32 clicks. And then the same for the 3d task in a set. For each of 3 tasks they will give you 7,74$ bonus. BUT!!!! On the second day work Suddenly pops-up a window: oh, you are so lucky, you hit a Prime Order costs 150$ and you have to hit Submit to the Customer Support. 150$ will be deducted from your balance. You have no option to refuse this Prime Order, because you do not have an option to continue your job clicking ranking until you Deposit more your money in ETHs to them.. And I you do not know, may be there will be another Prime Order very costly and because you have no other option to cancel but only Submit, they will deduct the cost from your balance. And they ask again to deposit more. It is a Scam!!!!

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