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Scam contentsSame as they did with adsbalance, they contact people via WhatsApp to offer a job, saying that you can work from anywhere, and get good returns by using just a few minutes of hour time everyday. The funny thing is that the first contact is supposed to be from a recruiter, using an international phone number, and then “assigning” you one of their reps. In summary, they lure people into registering to click on ads, in return for x% of the value of the ads. The income is paid in USDT. Each package contains between 45-50 ads, and at the end of each package the gains can be withdrawn (USDT). During the tasks, they throw combinations of products, which give a higher return, but the consequence is that the account balance goes to negative, and need to deposit the value of the negative amount (USDT) in order to continue with the task (cannot withdraw until the tasks are completed). At the end of the task, all the deposits, and gains, can be withdrawn. The issue is that at some point, they start sending large combinations, which make the negative amount so high, that is impossible to keep up, and will not be able to complete the task, meaning you cannot withdraw your money. The amounts at the end are so large, that even if somebody manages to cover the negative balance and completes the task, they will not be able to recover the money. They use USDT to move the funds into different wallets and disappear.
Comment / ReviewThere are many people involved in these scams, and many of them operate locally in the Netherlands (most are in other countries, using Dutch numbers). I wonder why the police hasn’t taken action on these sites. So far I have seen 3 different sites, with similar way of operation.

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