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Scam contentsA so called broker acts for the MT5 platform and never withdraw the funds, the customer service asked me to pay $30,000 to transfer my funds.
Comment / ReviewI was approached by a young woman of Asian origin on a language exchange site and after a few days we hit it off, she introduced me to her XAUUSD trading activity, with which she was making a lot of profit.
She told me that she could teach me how to do it and to start with a small amount, with $500 I immediately earned $66 and I was even able to withdraw the money and put it back, being in confidence I put a little more money, but I was quickly limited.
She encouraged me to ask around for money, which I did to quickly have a capital of more than $10,000, which quickly generated very interesting profits, and after a week my capital reached more than $15,000.
She encouraged me to apply for a leveraged loan of $30,000 which generated even more profit, but I thought I could repay this loan with the profits, when I realized that I had to repay this loan with my my own funds, I had to ask around again for money to pay this debt, I borrowed money from a bank and all the income from my company too.
When I was finally able to raise the sum, I settled this debt and I immediately wanted to withdraw the money to reimburse those from whom I had borrowed money, but I received a negative response from the broker because I had broken the rule and I was not allowed to withdraw more than $5,000 per day, something I didn't know.
To be able to unblock my account again I had to pay $30,000 to the broker again to be able to withdraw my funds.
It was only then that I realized it was a scam.
I had made an initial alert on this site to report this fraud, but they wrote to me to tell me that if I removed this item they would return the money to me in maximum 10 working days.
The 10 days have now passed and of course I still haven't received anything.
The total amount of this loss is more than $48,000.

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