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PseudonymGreg Floyd
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Scam contentsI ordered 2 Titanium lighters and played for them 200 dollar and after a day I get an mail that my order was on way to be handled so I think everything is okey and after some weeks I got a notification to pay toll fee for a package from China so I think great soon I see my things but when I open the package it was some sunglasses from China instead of my special titan lighters and I also got a mail from some company in China Ytto online shop telling me that my order was coming and I dont react on this mail at all but when I open package and find the sunglasses I look Moore at every mail and saw that both mail was from hotmail accounts and normalt support has a mailadress with companies name in it but this was first and next was a strange name and also Hotmail account so I think that they have ripped me of but I dont understand why they send me a pair of sunglasses instead??? And I have tried to come in contact but they dont respond to my mails at all,!!!
Comment / ReviewVery sad story and I pay via credit card and they got the money I saw on my E-bank can I contact my bank and see if they can get my money back or am I screwed on the money totalt?
Best regards///Jörgen Ivarsson

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