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Scam contentsWe believe that everyone has the right to have a happy life, and we believe even small surprises can light a day. This is why we devote to providing you with high quality products and best services at the lowest prices. We treat every of our products as a gift for you, hope it can bring you happiness and pleasure. Just take some time to choose the things you like on our website, and we will do all the left for you.

Ready for the surprise? Start your journey with us right now!
Comment / ReviewThis footwear store is running a site wide sale even though it's barely 4 months old as you can see from the attached screenshot.
The product pictures that make up their listings were ripped off of other online stores. Their terms of service, about us section and even their policies are plagued with plagiarism.

Kushigo Limited, The company that's behind this store, is suspected of being a shell company since Scamwatcher's data base has multiple instances where Kushigo was involved in managing fake online stores that display the same red flags that i just mentioned:

Stay away and don't shop here, they either have nothing in stock or they'll ship a lower quality product that you won't be able to return or get a refund on.

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