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Scam contentsat We Love Every Passion And Interest On Earth Because It Is a Reference To Your Uniqueness. And to spread exactly our core vision: To help you express yourself. To support you at being yourself.
Comment / ReviewThis chinese online store is promoting fake ads and claiming to be offering power tools and many other items and products at a low rate. however, they're trying to defraud customers with non-delivered items.
The email address provided is fake and is linked to another scam website. Customers will not be able to contact the seller using this email.
The content is being duplicated from other websites, anyone can check that with a plagiarism checker.
The about us section has already been found on other scam websites.
the pictures seem to have been lifted from other online stores and they actually have nothing to sell or offer.
the website refers to HINOVATION LIMITED as its parent company however this one has been used before by multiple problematic websites and has been reported by many people.
Be careful and do not order anything from this fake chinese online shop.

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      • Report #620666 03/13/2023 at 11:29 AM
        Cheap prices for power tools

        • Rob187 04/08/2023 at 04:23 AM

          So is it a scam or not yes or no

        • JP 04/11/2023 at 09:17 PM

          Yes it is a scam, iv been scammed- they take credit card details WC and you receive nothing

        • Drew 04/13/2023 at 01:56 PM

          I was just scammed by this website ( Ordered a work toolbox with drawers on wheels and it was never delivered and no response from company after two attempts at recifying the issue.

      • Report #636315 04/21/2023 at 03:54 AM

        Bought a 38 pcs tool set never received it.
        These people are scammers got 30.00 from me

      • Report #643416 05/09/2023 at 09:38 PM

        Electronic bikes for 39 dollars
        Doesn't seem right

      • Report #646247 05/17/2023 at 03:49 PM

        On dirt bike $39.99
        Time limit on purchase

        Pseudonym :

      • Do 05/26/2023 at 02:59 PM

        Ordered an electris watersled received a watch...ordered a windchime and received the windchime, so they do have stuff to sell called : junk

      • Report #655681 06/14/2023 at 02:55 PM

        Tools ordered but never received.

      • Report #657128 06/19/2023 at 04:26 AM

        Our accessories speaks the same language as all women who possess this sense of discovery in their hearts. It inspires every woman to reflect her own light, create the future of her dreams and keep moving forward.
        The email address provided is linked to another scam reported here on Scamwatcher:
        Most likely, these scammers are operating from different domain names.
        They claim to be selling various types of jewelry at reduced prices, but they're actually trying to lure you into buying and will never send you anything.
        The website is operated by Hinovation Limited.
        This company has been reported by many online shoppers and has been found on multiple problematic websites.
        Please be careful and do not order anything from them.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : intvifi

        fake prices
        scam company

      • Report #667568 07/20/2023 at 04:12 AM

        At We Love Every Passion And Interest On Earth Because It Is a Reference To Your Uniqueness. And to spread exactly our core vision: To help you express yourself
        ------------------- claims to offer a large selection of products and items at affordable prices, but it's a scam online store.
        The website is using stolen pictures and copied content to look legitimate and make people fall for their scams.
        The email address provided has also been found on another scam online shop reported here:
        The content is being duplicated, which means their policies are fake and therefore customers' confidential information cannot be protected here.
        Please be cautious and do not order from them.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : ravesparty

      • Report #667735 07/20/2023 at 10:24 AM

        Lawn mower, bike, etc
        No phone#,they have item to sell on that site now.

        Url / Website :

      • Report #668622 07/23/2023 at 06:17 AM

        Offering goods at outrageous prices. Goods not revceived
        Website was set up in MARCH 2023
        See above, advertising a US$499 vacuum cleaner for US$39

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym :

        • susan 07/24/2023 at 03:40 PM

          I am a victim...should have known not possible they could offer at the prices. Ordered multiple email with shipping/confirmation. Contacted my credit card and reported this scam. They, thankfully, are refunding me.

      • Report #678706 08/18/2023 at 05:34 AM

        An online apparel store that's selling winter coats, shoes, and other apparel items
        This website's contact address is linked to another online scam that was already reported to Scamwatcher's data base:

        The product pictures that they are using seem to have been lifted off of other online shops, they also made sure to not include a phone number or any other type of information about their company aside from their email address.

        The biggest red flag of all are the site wide discounts and excessive sales that plague this store as it's a poor business practice that scammers use to get you to lower your guard.

        Stay away and do not shop here, this is a scam.

        Url / Website :

      • Report #682184 08/27/2023 at 12:17 PM

        Low priced item when purchased cc is charged and never heard from them again.
        See scam contents section

        Url / Website :

      • Orion_1210793 01/26/2024 at 04:51 PM

        I've called and called and never get a response. I hear a Chinese message system. I can't even get back into the site to request a refund.

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