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PseudonymMacys and
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Scam contentsA camping tent and clothing other articals of sale.
Comment / ReviewI keep getting thiese ads sent to me from macys but it isnt macys its from a website buetlly .com and just digging a tad deeper its a rabbit hole of websites all fraudulently run by a company named -
bin Estrella GmbH
These ppl have like 50 or 60 sites almost all rin from germany and the usa.
The one i keep getting bigged by have the macys logo on the sale page. Knowing macys is going out of buisness i thought some people may get hooked on to this scam unknowingly and lose alot of hard earned and needed money. The camping set they tried selling me was worth over 1000 dollars and they were scamming ppl for 20 dollars. They also put time limits on the sale to pressure you to not dig very deep on thier offers. I had a mother who fell for some of these scams and i know about them all pretty well. The fact is if it sounds too good to be true it is trust your instincts and never buy without a safty net like paypal. I hate ppl like this it makes me sock when these pop up and i always try to let them be known to people when they do. I hope thos helps someone out there.

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