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Scam contentsClickbait youtube scammer promising huge returns on Dogecoin and other crypto currencies.
Comment / ReviewYoutube channel is Crypto Daily Trade Signals. Goes by the name Darrel in Vietnam. Makes 3-4 videos per day about crypto currency. Claims he never asks for money or sells anything but, he begs for super chat money in his livestreams. Youtube doesnt do anything because he adds a disclaimer saying hes not a financial advisor and its for entertainment but, someone will eventually send him a large amount of money they will never get back.

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    • Steve 02/27/2023 at 01:55 PM

      I report this scammer daily to youtube. Hes definitely a scammer. If you watch his livestreams they are scripted. He has about 3 people who always donate the same amount of money to get the ball rolling. someone else will randomly donate and then hes got them. If you comment, he will block you and call you a troll/hater and you will never be able to call him out. Hes playing the system to his advantage. Horrible human being. Shame on you Daryl.

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