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Fraudulent website : +18033849332


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Telephone+1 803-384-9332 (ou 0018033849332) (more info)
Scam contentsCrypto scam
Comment / ReviewI got scammed out of 500 dollars, I never thought I would be this guy but, times are tough still, and needed money to bury my grandmother. This woman said she could help. Boy was I wrong. It went from 500-3300-51,830 in a few days and I was just impressed with the gains. But I couldn’t pull out supposedly since the money was tied up in stocks. So I said that could make sense since I wasn’t sure on what type of trading she did. ( also her tiktok @lisaoakman). I got suckered at my lowest point in my life. Please find whoever this is.

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telephone number analysis +1 803-384-9332

Phone number typeFix/Cell phone number
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  • +1 803-384-9332
CountryUnited States
TerritorySouth Carolina