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Comment / ReviewHow they scammed me...
I used this Fraudulent Payment Gateway Company to purchase items online recently in July of 2022 and never received my merchandise. I tried contacting the support at and no one ever returns a response. I spent over $3,100 and never received a refund or merchandise or excuse!

But don't take my word for it, try it out yourself: or visit the criminals website at

Their phone numbers are not real just try them: 021-50460029, 400-853-6696

Their address is not real: Room 707, Building A, No. 199 Jinwan Road, Pudong New Area, shanghai china

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    • Report #298307 11/29/2020 at 08:42 PM

      I bought a "service" from this page, they claim they sell followers for social media accounts, but they really dont. Please take this page down
      Also, they say they deliver instantly but i been waiting on 3 days because i send them an email and they responded saying that they will get back at me within 2 days but nothing so far. The day i made the "purchase" was on 24/12/2020.

      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym :

      • Mattias 06/27/2021 at 11:32 PM

        = Scam

      • Mattias 06/27/2021 at 11:34 PM


    • Report #412563 11/08/2021 at 06:02 AM

      Simply take money

      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym : wintopay payment services team

    • Report #498483 05/14/2022 at 12:27 PM

      KT Wireless gaming earbuds. $68.28
      I ordered from this site and my order number is not valid, not to mention other reviews from this site as well. Must be taken down.

      Url / Website :

      Order confirmation with order number
      Transaction on my account
      Evidence from this very website that shows that is a scam
      No tracking through 17TRACK

    • Rhondda girl 11/15/2022 at 09:09 AM

      I ordered a Welsh world cup football shirt from TheRlop . and payment was acknowledged by wintopay. Really worried now after reading these reviews. Had no response from either and tried to get in touch with both with no response

    • Tbmx568 11/16/2022 at 04:46 PM

      Hi same hoping mines arive aswell also bought mines from rlop

    • Dikibugiri Samuel 11/17/2022 at 07:39 PM

      Just purchased a Louis Vuitton from Artsy mmm40249x1 at the price of&210 and received an email from Wintopay but seeing all this comment hope is not true pls some should help me if this a scam

    • Ahmad 12/19/2022 at 01:27 PM

      I ordered tom ford perfume and payment was acknowledged by wintopay, I never ceceived a confirmation email and they do not have any contact number it was scam.

    • Report #583584 12/21/2022 at 04:52 PM

      I made a order for some shoes for my kid Christmas on the 12/16/2022 and i received 2 emails and nothing since and they post to been here by know so i called the numbers and emailed them and everything is fake and they stolen my money off of my card

      Url / Website :
      Telephone : +14008536696

    • Report #586711 12/29/2022 at 09:14 PM

      Selling sneakers and scamming people, you get no tracking information etc. I looked up after my order that wintopay is a scam. And the website was created a month ago even though it says EST. 2008. No tracking, no trace of my order or anyway to sign in on the website to check.
      SCAM!!!! No tracking info. I’m never getting my item. I was scammed money and left with no sneakers.

      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym : Jordan sneakers
      Telephone : +8618760574925

    • Frank 01/13/2023 at 04:39 PM

      Ordered a Phillies shirt on Dec. 19, 2022 for 71.98 have not received my shirt

    • Report #614367 02/27/2023 at 06:05 PM

      Looks like a legit website. Ordered 2 pairs of shoes, all e-mails blocked and not able to find order #.
      Buyer BEWARE

      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym : wintopay

    • Jdawg999 04/26/2023 at 06:12 PM

      I ordered a jersey from us a while ago and was immediately sent an email from wintopay services regarding the transaction, still never got my jersey.

    • Busit64 05/24/2023 at 11:40 AM

      When I click on the add on FB it directs me to Macy's. I thought it would be legit until I noticed that the tracking has not moved for 7 days coming from Jamaica NY. I emailed and was told my item will be shipped but they gave me another tracking which doesn't exist. I contacted the actual Macy's Fraud Dept and was told it's a scam. I filed a fraud case through my NF Visa card and they will investigate.

    • Report #657281 06/19/2023 at 09:48 AM

      Dear Heidrun Friedrich,
      Thank you very much for purchasing the items on " " .The order payment failed.
      Reasons: Incorrect billing information

      Order details:
      Trade Id: tr_776340619115DaAEb47
      Order No: P12023061913744044_080137342
      Order date: 2023-06-19 08:01:37
      Amount: 25.89 USD

      If you have any disputes about this transaction, please feel free to contact
      which is a professional third-party institution engaged in dealing with all disputes amo...
      I got to this website from FaceBook, it advertised women's clothing, and I wanted to purchase one of the items. After I entered my info including charge card, I was told that the info is invalid, followed by an email as shown above. There is nothing wrong with my charge-card info, but I'm afraid they'll use it later on - they haven't yet.

      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym :

    • Report #662753 07/05/2023 at 09:50 AM

      I believe this was an ad for Rolling Stones Logo(red tongue)which offered 2 for one.That order went in 5/20/'23.Order # 202305210850397991228000000 .
      Have tried to contact e-mail addresses to no avail!!

      Pseudonym :

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