Paybyterd is a scam??

Details / precisionsThey don't want to send me the money

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  • stop_da_scammers 06/04/2024 at 07:16 PM

    If you mean

    It looks like it's a fake crypto investment site - yes, it's a scam.

    The site is run by scammers so any gains or profits you see on the site are fake. Once it looks like you have lot of money and try to withdrawl, they will come up with fake excuses for YOU to PAY the scam site. This is also called an advance fee scam - you pay then get nothing!

    Stop using the site and cut contact with whoever said to use this fake site. You may be in a long con romance scam or pig butchering scam.

    The domain was also only created last month, on May 5th 2024:

    Registrar: Pte. Ltd.
    Registered On: 2024-05-01