I have an honest Question, Sincerely.

AuthorDerwood Hix
Details / precisionsI have heard and read numerous times the various explanations and excuses why law enforcement does very little to nothing to attempt to shut down or prosecute or even simply inform the general public about online scam websites and every other imaginable online or money scam on-line scammer storefronts ect.... I'd really like to know the truth if it is available and somewhat verifiable. The played out excuse of resources being too thinned out to investigate these websites and scammers online is a huge cop out. Yes it is a fact that there are literally millions of these criminal outfits working most in developing third world countries and slums but what it has to come down to which is what it always comes down to is "is this economically viable to pursue" having been a victim myself as a younger man and being ignorant and naive about how our Injustice system actually operates in the United States and most other places in the world with varying success. Law enforcement and prisons which in my home state of Arizona are all privately owned and are businesses, ., p e r i o d, end of discussion. People seem to have this delusion that these officers are Somehow mistakenly seen as Noble paladins, these altruistic white knights of Liberty and freedom and justice for all good people and any monetary compensation for their Good deeds for society sake are simply to allow them to provide for their families and have a comfortable life when they are not on the job protecting all of us sheep like the selfless do-gooders people sometimes think they are. Police and judges, prosecutors, district attorneys etc etc are not selfless humanitarians or demigods walking amongst us in there Avatar attire. But I'm getting off the subject. What my question is essentially, can someone please give me a straight honest answer of why nearly no cyber crimes are investigated and even less our prosecuted for any unlawful activity with the exception of child pornography and human trafficking and to a limited degree narcotics distribution. Thank you for your consideration and heartfelt and educated response to my query.