Are there any victims of Blackkeiser or Capenus?

AuthorStefan-Radu Alexe
Details / precisionsI am a victim of cryptocurrency scam. I was scammed by Blackkeiser and Capenus which seems to be Caulcrick Global Tech. They said I can recover money but then I had to make deposits after deposits. First I received 4.56 ETH from Blackkeiser on Capenus which seems to be their site. I deposited 0.5 ETH 3 times because at first I deposited indeed more by mistake. Then they said I have to make a 0.02 BTC deposit for a transfer in BTC that didn't work and now I deposited 420 USDT on an address that they indicated and afterwards they said it was wrong because it is dormant and I have to deposit the USDT one more time on an address that they provided. I filed a report to the police.

I was contacted by Cristopher Morgan in the Capenus mail support who claims to be part of Caulcrick Global Tech. Also the phone number for client services is identical.

I read in a review that he worked for you in the past. Could you give me more details please?