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Scam contentsJob Responsibilities.
- Generate data for users
-Optimize the ranking of hotel data

Job title: Push hotel rating optimization
Company name: Mews
Job content: Use real user networks like ours to help hotels generate data and traffic to improve market rankings
The company is headquartered in: San Francisco and New York, USA.
Platform working hours: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Eastern Time
. This working time is the platform running time.
Comment / ReviewI am stressed out , don’t know how to handle this situation

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      • Report #755698 04/09/2024 at 11:51 AM

        1. Terms & Conditions

        (1) A minimum deposit of 100 USDC is required for a reset.

        (2) After resetting 2 sets of tasks every day, you can initiate a withdrawal on the website.

        2. Withdrawal

        (1) The daily withdrawal limit for VIP1 users is 10,000 USDC, and there is no limit for VIP4 users.

        (2) Users can apply for a full withdrawal after completing all tasks.

        (3) Withdrawals or refunds are not allowed during the optimization process.

        (4) Users need to submit a withdraw...
        I was intrigued by the remote work aspect to make some money on the side. Texting first from 727.630.4825 as 'Mary', then from WhatsApp 44.7943.245.059 as '~Aileen'. Started out using the training bonus but they need you to withdraw then replenish that starting amount daily and when you get a bonus task, it somehow makes you go negative, and it is on you to replenish the negative amount to finish the task. The negative grows each time, making the amount you have to supply that much more, as shown in my example. To be fair, I should have done more due diligence and vetted them further. I hope this helps others before they get taken by this scam.

        Pseudonym : Aileen, Mary
        Telephone : +17276304825

        Negative balance due to a 'bonus' task.

      • H 04/22/2024 at 04:00 AM

        Hey, I had a similar experience. Be careful, there's this person named Aileen, and her phone number is 323-492-2379. They'll contact you pretending to be a hiring agency and offer you a remote job, but it's all a big scam to steal your crypto. They'll take your money on the fourth day. Just a heads up, stay safe!

      • Abii 04/22/2024 at 05:36 AM

        Sounds like a typical task scam:

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