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Google Movies Reviewer , Wise app and

PseudonymGoogle Movies Reviewer , Wise app and
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Scam contentsThey offer you a job. It sound legit at first.
They will let you get some money twice so you will think it is real. Everyday the commission and bonus is getting higher and the so called negative amount that you need to deposit is getting higher as well. Your money is withdrawable through WISE APP.. which I think they are partners. Wise app will eventually cancel your account for no reason and cant withdraw money from there anymore. Next option is through which is another partner of this crime. same with with Wise app.. once your deposited money is getting bigger..They will send you notification that you can no longer withdraw money from that account..So your money is trapped inside.. and that how you cant get back your money anymore.. Be careful guys.. they are very professional. Its sounds so good to be true.. These guys will go to hell
for sure.
Comment / ReviewA lot of people lost their money around 2000 to 10000+ dollars

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