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Scam contentsTrying to get me to earn money by doing some tasks.
Comment / ReviewOffering part-time work making money by doing some tasks.

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    • Bob 05/25/2024 at 05:38 PM

      I have encountered the same as above. I am backing out. First they wanted 400 for the combo, and soon after they wanted another 930. Must be a scam.

    • stop_da_scammers 05/27/2024 at 07:33 PM

      This is a task scam. The site was only made a few weeks ago.

      Registered On: 2024-04-15

      From reddit: Task scams involve a website or mobile app that claims you can earn money by completing easy tasks, such as watching a video, liking a post, or creating an order. A very common characteristic (but not entirely exclusive) is that you have to complete sets of 40 tasks. The app will tell you that you can earn money for each task, but the catch is that you can only do a limited number of tasks without upgrading your account. To upgrade your accounts, the scammers will require you to pay a fee. This makes it a variant of the advance fee scam.

      The goal of this scam is to get people to download the app for easy money and then encourage them to pay to get to the next level. It's impossible to get your "earnings" out of the app, so victims will have wasted their time and money. This type of scam preys on the sunk cost fallacy, because people demonstrate a greater tendency to continue an endeavor once an investment has been made, and refusing to succumb to what may be described as cutting one's losses.

      Some links on task scams to better understand them:
      Behind the global scam worth an estimated €100m targeting WhatsApp users with fake job offers
      euronews.... Read more

    • Report #764594 06/18/2024 at 09:20 PM

      They were a marketing site that said you just needed to go to the site and complete 3 sets of click tasks and then you would be paid a commission and $50 salary. Worked fine the first day and downloaded, $85. Then they wanted a prepay for the next day of $100. Scam is that a "Combo" will happen when submitting a task, it automatically creates a deficit in the wallet which increases commissions 15x but leave a negative amount in the wallet. They tell you that you must send the amount to the platf...
      They use Whatsapp to facilitate the scam with a mentor and a tie in with a "Customer Service" whatsapp account.

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