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PseudonymShif4Shop Product Optimization
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Telephone+1 323-303-0270 (ou 0013233030270) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsShift4Sop ( or they change URL for camouflage purposes) is 100% scam. Your users should avoid them at all costs.
Comment / ReviewBelow are the main features of these scams with one specific example. Anyone coming into contact with them must STOP, research and in no way send them money (cryptocurrency). Read more below:
* Product data optimization platform through cryptocurrency
* Impersonation of legitimate business for fraud purposes
* High level of social engineering with multiple human layers for intake, onboarding, scam, bullying and theft. (but it changes from time to time for camouflage purposes).
1. They pretend to pay you for registering.
2. They will let you withdraw small amounts.
3. They will withhold large amounts and trick you to add more funds.
4. By the time you finish their second set of tasks, you will be in the tens of thousands of dollars.
5. They will then ask you to pay 40% to recover your funds, but that is the ultimate trap. Whether you pay or not, your money is gone.
6. They never let you withdraw all your funds when the amount is substantial.

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