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Scam contentsIt's a fake bank and fake investment site.

Registrar: NameSilo, LLC
Registered On: 2023-04-27
Expires On: 2025-04-27
Updated On: 2024-04-28 << just updated on April 28th 2024
Comment / ReviewThe scammer might claim to be "Kotman Techlongly" but scammers often just use established companies to seem legit.

Often scammers will ask you to do "busy work" like translate pages or retype things from a PFD file.

Once you do the work, they then say that your payment is on this fake bank. To obtain the fake funds, the site will say there is an error and YOU have to pay upfront fees and personal information that can be compromised.

These are advance fee scams - you pay then get nothing in return.

"if you search for 2767 Sunrise Street, 10th Avenue, New York, USA, the location listed in their “Contact Us” section, you’ll see about half a dozen “money transfer firms” claiming to have the same address, all of which have virtually identically websites. Addresses in the United States typically include both a City and a State. There is no town named “10th Avenue” in New York State, nor is there an intersection of “10th Avenue” and “Sunrise Street” in any city or town in New York State, nor is there a Sunrise Street in New York City. That’s another huge red flag."

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