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PseudonymMichael Smith
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Telephone+27 84 885 5618 (ou 0027848855618) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsThis website is used by scammers to swindle people out of money by saying that they are investing the funds, you invest the lowest amount and get 30% of that amount as a profit and they allow you to withdraw the invested money and the profit. However when when you invest anything over R2000, they say that there are 3 more stages of investment and each stage the amount goes up by R3000 and you cannot withdraw the money you have made or use it as part of the investment. You just have to fork in more and more money and you never get it back but you just see it on the website. They use WhatsApp to invite you and use telegram with a fake group and fake group members to convince you to invest money.
Comment / ReviewI believe that more people are being scammed. They pretend to be a marketing company called Carver media which is a real company.
The tasks they use to draw you in is posting 5 stars on Google for the companies that they have e chosen and each task gives you between E20 and R50.

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