Investment scam +447884599397 Michael Geoffrey Norman

PseudonymMichael Geoffrey Norman
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Telephone+44 7884 599397 (ou 00447884599397) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsThis Micheal phone me saying the bitcoin is going up and we must invest in IPO and within two days all money will be in your account. So with any desk we connect to my bank account where he applied for loans, overdraft, revolving facility, and then he withdraws these huge amounts and you get nothing back. There is another guy called George. Please watch out for this AITRUSTROBOT trading platform.
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    • Report #480300 04/03/2022 at 06:44 PM

      I invested into bitcoin via this website. A man called Michael contacted me via WhatsApp, phone and email. I told him I did not want his help investing my money and I would trade it myself. He continued to contact me and I told him the same again. I decided to withdraw the money I invested to invest elsewhere as I did not like how pushy this company was, and my money has disappeared from the online wallet. I have contact the email address and got no response.
      Avoid at all costs!

      Fraudulent email :
      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym : Woltbit

    • Report #744407 02/26/2024 at 07:33 PM


      Url / Website :

    • Thor 03/02/2024 at 10:18 AM

      Helen did you get your money back. I hope so. They are such quick smooth talkers and while you are listening, he is doing things on your PC.

    • Report #750463 03/19/2024 at 03:44 PM

      Warning to all potential investors out there.
      They are a bunch of thieves - nothing less.
      The biggest thief of them all is a clown by the name of Michael Norman.
      His main modus operandi is to pressure the person into investigating in crypto currency (Bitcoin) with limited time constraints and promises of huge profits. He promotes the scam with trading promises of 20:1 leverage on purchasing Bitcoin with cut off times.

      My main focus is to warn other people of these fraudsters and hopefully prevent a few other people getting caught by these thieves.
      If anyone would like more detail on the way Michael Norman of AI TRUST ROBOT operates please feel free to contact me on
      +27 076 415 7862
      I will happily provide any info you may require.
      I am reporting them & him to
      SEC, CFTC, FBI, FTC, IC3, and whoever else I can.
      Yours sincerely
      RBA Smith

      Pseudonym : AI Trust Robot

    • Report #760454 04/29/2024 at 10:38 AM

      Bank deposited Money in the Account
      Name: S.V.F AI
      Bank: Absa
      Account: 9386199310
      Account type: Current Account
      Reference: Your Name
      I have deposited the amount of R 4800-00 into the above named Bank on the 22 March 2024

      Url / Website :
      Telephone : +44721195683

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