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Scam contentsWent to withdraw my earnings after 14-day trade started autonomously without my permission or any parameters for me to set. I was taken there by what I thought was a friend put $1,000 into the account/wallet which I do normally on my other platforms I can always pull it out when I want to. After trade pushed the cash out and been sitting pending since January 6th my original 1K and my earnings of 9K. Contacted the host They sold the domain to the registrant and also hosted it. After I notified them with screenshots and everything they locked my account out and the following day took down the site offline? They won't give me the owner or administrator contact information that's redacted from whois And have nowhere to call as namecheap has all the info But doesn't feel that I should be allowed to have it???
Comment / ReviewComment review? Yeah I pretty much summed it up over there up top. They're fraudulent sight I filed with the FTC and they have 10,000 of my money is the host They also sold the domain to the owner but the who is and everything is privatized by spoke to everybody including the 24/7 live chat support on the site that I got to speak to once and after that never again in the company provides that service and it also is the extension to the real or forwarded email address that's listed on the website ( on its own goes nowhere returns on deliverable) But when. : ( Not positive but have it in my emails but something to that effect) But when that extension is put on it goes somewhere supposedly to the owner but never has replied one time and the tawk service is playing dumb with me..!? I'm doing this for your benefit really cuz you ain't going to do shit and according to you it has a moderate rating?

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