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Scam contentsAn online store that supposedly sells running footwear in Portugal. The currency on the website is in Euros, but your card is charged in Chinese Yen, of which the exchange rate differential is also charged to you. I queried everything that seemed odd throughout the process - once the payment had gone through - and they were very responsive via various email addresses.
When the order (a pair of shoes and some pairs of socks) arrived, it was a cheap, woollen beanie. Their response was that there'd been an error, that the onus of return shipping (including cost) was mine even though their Ts and Cs said they'd be responsible for this, and that they would effect a refund once they received the returned item. I refused to return the item unless they provided a courier drop-off point near me. Eventually I reported the fraud to my bank, who then investigated and refunded me in full via Visa. It took months to effect the refund. The site is still active.
Comment / ReviewScam business. They send a "mistaken" order worth a fraction of what was paid, and then hold your money to ransom pending a return of the item at your expense. In Portugal, it's obligatory to have a link to the country's complaints section, which this site does not have. They also don't have any physical address listed anywhere, and nowhere does it say that the goods come from China.

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