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Scam contentsappears to be a legitimate online trading program and uses portfolio managers for your account But they ask you to lie to a legitimate. online digital wallet company in order to register and transfer your funds in or out of your bank account. Also after an initial deposit, any profit you make seems to be tied up in trading so you cant withdraw the full amount without the supervision of your "manager". The figures posted by the site dont appear to match what other legitimate trading platforms are reporting.
Comment / Reviewalso the company does not appear to be registered with any regulatory agency; and the portfolio mangers do not offer any proof of identity or location.
Ive not been able to withdraw all my investment

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    • Dopey 02/24/2024 at 06:41 PM

      Total scam they will talk you into depositing every penny you have even offering credit that needs to be repaid with more money from your bank,you cannot withdraw from your inside the fund account so basically handing over £10000 plus in my case. Now there are no funds in my account

      I hope this helps somebody

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