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Scam contentsThey have funds that I have been trying to withdraw for days now, a wallet transfer should take minutes.
I would advise avoiding these people.
Comment / ReviewI would advise looking elsewhere for a trading platform.

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    • Fishel Pustilnik 03/04/2024 at 12:35 AM

      The most disgusting thing in life is having scammers trust you. This applies to SMTcap, which, like experienced anglers, place their nets into which they lure their victims. Everything is developing according to something like this: ads (fake) flicker on computer screens, where Elon Musk assures that everyone can make money on his platform. You only need to leave your phone number and the company representatives will contact you. Indeed, in 20 minutes you will be talking to a financial advisor who has been presented to you personally. In my case, it was Emma Johnson. We must give her a due: she perfectly manipulates the mind of a person who has no idea that he is a victim of fraud and is only at the beginning of his "investment carousel". Emma suggested that I open an account with a small initial capital of US $250. A week later, she called me and told me that in order to earn decent money, I need to switch to a different investment level, which starts at US$2500. Everything was fine, I mean, on paper, it was slowly "swelling". After 5-6 weeks, Emma wrote to me that in order to make "very decent money" I had to go to the "professional league", where investments ranged from $25,000 to $250,000. Before becoming a "pro", I decided to withdraw at least part of my invested money. But it was harder than landing on the moon. I waited 3 weeks but got nothing. When I asked Emma about the non-receipt and said that I had read a lot of negative reviews on the Internet where people... Read more

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