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Scam contentsphone numbers will suddenly not work, they will ask for money to get started and then say they will not start unless you give them more, when you call back numbers that you have previously spoken to someone on they say that they are not that person and that the company is not associated with the number (specifically the one listed on their website)
Comment / ReviewI read many reviews about this company before selecting them. I received a contract for 3 monthly payments to get started. Once I started talking to them more they kept trying to upsell services, and then refused to start working until paid in full despite the contract. When I asked for a refund Malcolm told me he would transfer me to "compliance" and then just stopped talking. I could hear a lot of voices similar to a call center in the background. I waited for three minutes and then hung up. When I called the same number I had just contacted them on back, it would go to dead air and then hang up. I called the number from the website on which I had initially spoken to Max Floyd and he said that wasn't his name and that the phone number is a different company providing the same service. Every person I spoke with had a heavy foreign accent. Thank God for my bank being able to do a fraud claim for what I had already paid.

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