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Scam contentsI was contacted by the above mentioned “Alena Morgan", saying that she invest in an online store as a middleman with good profit. She sent me an invitation link/code on November 12, 2023 to open a store free on ( as a Level 0 seller with a profit of 12%, I did and transferred 5000 SAR initially to buy 1029 USDT to the site to process the orders.
On November 16, 2023, I received orders for more than 3000 USDT; therefore, I transferred 6249 USDT to process the orders. On November 17, 2023, store placed an order of 39,978 USD and received an email from to process the order within 48 hours, in order to process this order, I transferred 30,124 USDT. This series continues and orders started bigger and bigger and I had to transfer more money to process these orders within 48 hours.
Till date, I have transferred 85398 USD for processing these orders and I started purchasing their levels (Level 0 for free with 12% profit, Level 1 for 5000 USD with 18%, Level 2 for 30,000 USD with 24%, Level 3 for 100,000 USD with 30% and Level 4 for 200,000 USD with 50%).
On November 23, 2023, there were huge orders and I had insufficient amount therefore I took loan of 70100 USD from the customer service of the same website and until date I have refunded 32,995 USD. Now, I am in completely shattered and I am in trauma as I have lost 118,393 USD. I do not know how I can get my money back although my wallet shows 202,586 USD. I will be grateful if someone can help me to return my money.
Comment / ReviewIt was obvious a scam to send money to them. Please if there is any way to get money back please inform me because I’m living in Saudi Arabia.

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