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Scam contentsSame as all rhe scams , u need to get 38 order , balance is gone top up by wise
Comment / ReviewScammers ,once I asked why do I need to top up to leave a review it was finished for them

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    • Me 10/30/2023 at 12:25 PM

      It supposed to be an online job, I was online looking for anything easy to make an extra, and found a website that asked some info to apply for positions, but it's just sent it to idk who, and you will be contacted anytime. The end. Was weird, so I just forgot about it, but in a few minutes I was contacted by a girl on whatsapp, asking if a need a job, she then asked some info and I was contated for another girl from another number, the "leader" (?), that started to explain what I have to do. That's it, a part-time job that I don't need to interview and I am already being teached my duties. Apparently you have to create a good review for some products (probably illegal, right?) accessing, create an account using her invitation code, and then access her account to see how the work is done. Every day they fill you with 38 tasks, each of it is a product on "cdiscount" (that I have never heard about, but of course the brand and shop is legit, is a French discount store, but all my tasks are in dolar, kinda weird), but its very complicated system, the tasks are an order, I felt as I was simulating a real order, and I needed a credit to "pay" for it, so you start with a 50$ of credit to make the orders, and leave a pre-filled 5 stars comment, that you chose below, when it's finished you receive a comission of 1% of the total, but the trick is when the order is too big, you can't cancel or skip to the next, if you dont have enough credit, the tasks get blocked, and... Read more

    • Report #706864 11/05/2023 at 11:42 AM

      Pretending to offer a job and it’s all a Scam.
      Don’t have anything to do with them

      Pseudonym : Maria and Elana
      Telephone : +447597027063

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