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Comment / ReviewDeltaico presents itself as this safe crypto exchange platforms that mainly deals in a token they coined themselves called the DELTA Token.

The main red flag here is that their site is just a a landing page with nothing to back it up, no terms of service section and not enough information about their company.

So not only is this financial firm unregulated, it might not even exist legally. People have reported that the people behind Deltaico continuously spam every one of their clients with calls just so they can put in more of their money.
However according to a Trust Pilot review you can't really make a withdrawal on here and once you build up a balance you'll lose contact with the company.

Stay away and do not buy into this as it's likely a scam.
You can read the trust pilot review that i've mentioned through this link:

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      • pet. V 10/22/2023 at 11:57 AM

        Sadly to say but I have to agree with everyone who reviewed this website it is a scam Everybody who reviewed them with one * He's telling the truth.

        There will encourage you to open a account with as little as 50 pounds and demonstrate the performance saying we double your money in few days! Sounds very good

        They will then encourage you to withdraw the investment and saying how simple and easy at works.

        Next step: make a bit more and after few days there introduce this level investment
        Level 1) 500£ ; level 2) 1000£; level 3) 2500£; and more or less BIG performance BIG profit. WOW

        There always introduce the amount based on question what is your income what is your job what are you doing for living etc.

        Very likely you're going to come across this phrase we have to move very fast on this one.
        You going to loos everything.

        If you still not skeptical try to withdraw 50% of your investment and see.
        As mentioned in the other reviews the market is going to drop your investment is going into a minors they going to ask you to pay some money to freeze /recover, then they're going to say there was a problem or another issue then there give you to pay in 24hrs you need to pay or your funds going to be lost, you have to pay at front and there going to offer you if you pay this and we/ there going to put the other 50% to help you out.
        It's all lie you're never ever going to see your money back.

        I spoke to a program and he said this website is literally just a puppet show at... Read more

      • JerryQ 02/29/2024 at 05:22 AM

        I too was fooled, again, they even spoke about the previous experience I had and offered to help!! I only funded £600 and when i tried to get it and the 'profit' back to my wallet in Binance, they appear to have manipulated the wallet address so the money was lost. They, James Freeman advisor, stated they were going to recover the money from the ether, as the address I copied over was one digit out, but after a couple of days stopped responding.

        • Abii 02/29/2024 at 10:44 AM

          Unfortunately that's what recovery scammers do. They promise to get your money back but only if you pay them in advance and if you do so, they run off with your money.

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