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Comment / ReviewThis is a fraudulent website. They have a fake address and contact info. They are really in China and have scammed hundreds of people using many similar scam sites.
DO NOT think you can “take a risk” because PayPal is offered because they can still steal your money. They’ll load in a tracking number for another shipment delivered in your same State and it will then block you from making any dispute. You’ll then receive nothing and they’ll withdraw the money and move on to another PayPal account. Alternatively, they’ll send you a counterfeit item or a different item (for example a small $1 item instead of the $200 set of earphones) and then when you try to return the order you’ll find out that it costs $75-150 to send it back to China, and you’ll also discover if you choose to do this (and lose your money anyway because the postage cost is more than your order) the return address is a fake so it can’t be returned. This will block disputes on PayPal and with your bank or card issuer. It’s how these criminals have continued this same scam for more than a year using hundreds of websites. PayPal does little or nothing to stop it too. They won’t even help you until you’re already ripped off and then they’ll send you a copy and pasted response that unfortunately they cannot refund you because the merchant has no funds left. That will take a month or so just to reach that point to find out you’ve been defrauded and have no recourse.

But the problems don’t end there. They also steal identities and commit fraud using them, or open accounts, bill you fraudulently, and commit other crimes using your accounts and personal information. They also install malicious software on your phone and computer, to steal passwords, hijack your accounts, and compromise your systems. So you’re in danger of losing more money, having your credit ruined, and possibly being charged with criminal offenses yourself.

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