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This post is a detailed and accurate description of Jimmy Rex based on my own research and personal interactions with Jimmy Rex and member of his men’s coaching group WE ARE THE THEY. If you are thinking about joining his group or following Jimmy Rex please read this first.

Jimmy Rex is a self-proclaimed self-help guru who promised men from the age of 18-55 that he can help you dramatically improve your life, help you become wealthy, live a more fulfilled marriage, advance your career, create a better relationship with God all while really emphasizing that you should be a man of character and integrity. Just $15,000 a year or $1250 a month and he can show you how he has created all of this for himself…… OR is that the 1st of many lies he tells you……

1. Jimmy Rex is 42 years old, he has never been married and never had any of his own children, yet in his men’s coaching group he will give you advice of what it takes to be a better father, husband, and man in your household. I have heard him openly brag about writing his next book called “What I learned from 1000 1st dates”. Are you ready to throw up yet? A guy that is proud of dating over 1000 women, clearly is a Narcissist & can’t see past the point of dating, which is to eventually commit to one as a partner. Why would you take any advice from a man who can’t love someone else more than he loves himself?
2. Jimmy Rex and his network of close friends are convicted criminals, fraudsters, & ultimate investment scammers. Don’t believe me… These are the guys he will introduce you to when you join his coaching Group, WE ARE THE THEY.
a. Trevor Milton = CEO of Nikola Motors. One of Jimmy Rex’s close friends and investors into Nikola motors. Jimmy tells the story that he invested his life savings into Nikola and that it turned out to be a scam. What Jimmy doesn’t tell you is that he was able to cash out his stock for a large profit prior to the feds indicting his friend Trevor Milton. Jimmy Rex also represented his best friend Trevor Milton as his realtor when purchasing a $32 million home. Jimmy Rex made a huge commission on that deal and did not return any of the money when the seller of that home sued Milton for fraud.
3. Andrew Mccubbins = Convicted Felon for running a Medicare scam defrauding the government for $32 million. This is one of Jimmy’s best friends and Andrew is a member of WATT. Andrew is invited to speak & mentor members often. He tells them about him being recently convicted of multiple felonies, cheating on his wife regularly, and how doing psychedelic drugs has helped change his life. He invites new members to do drugs with him often, these drugs include. Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, Hape, and many others.
4. Sean Whalen = CEO of Lions not sheep. Recently indicted by the FTC for claiming his products are made in America, when it turns out they were made cheaply overseas. Sean is open about his criminal record, having had many affairs on his wife, he drugs he uses and how being an Alpha Male and taking no shit is the way forward. Again someone who Jimmy Rex invites often to mentor and influence his coaching group.
5. Jeremy Neves = former CEO of Xcite Satellite, shut down by the Attorney Generals office for fraud. Jeremy also runs a coaching group & touts himself as a business expert. He fails to mention that his company was shut down for fraud. He also fails to mention that he was the CEO of Andrew Mccubbins (the guy above) medical company when the feds came in and shut that down as well. Jeremy is a big advocate of doing psychedelic drugs He invites members of WATT to do drugs with him often, these drugs include. Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, Hape, and many others.
6. Aaron Wagner = CEO of WAGS capital. Another peach of a man who openly cheats on his wife and even has an Instagram post admitting to being a cheat. He states on IG, “ I cheat on my wife, I cheat in business, I cheat on my kids, and I cheat on myself. I’m not an honest person.” Yet his business is raising money from investors. His model is go out and raise the money from basic local investors for say a restaurant. Wags capital will get 60% of the restaurant & the investors who put up all the cash will get 40%. If it does well WAGS Capital does great, if it fails WAGS loses no money and they just go raise more and do it again. Jimmy Rex raises money for WAGS & often encourages his members of WATT to invest. WHY? Jimmy gets 10% of all the money raised, so if he raises $1 million dollars for a project. Jimmy Rex gets $100,000. Jimmy Rex preys on his followers to help himself get rich, he doesn’t invest his own money he uses yours. Wagner is also a member of WATT, and personally interacts with members.
7. Tim Ballard = Former CEO of Operation Underground Railroad. Recently removed as CEO & owner for based on several sexual harassment claims. Ballard also fell on mass scrutiny for mis use of funds, paying himself between $3 million & $5 million a year to run the charity. Ballard was also prosecuted by the Davis county AG for taking credit for sex trafficking rescues, he nor his foundation did not participate in. Lastly the LDS published an article in the SL tribune against Ballard rebuking him. Saying they have no relationship with him despite his claims, they do not support OUR, donate, nor endorse it. Jimmy Rex again has his own charity called “The child liberation foundation where he raises money for Tim Ballard and OUR. No one knows how much money Jimmy actually gives OUR as the funds are unreported.

Jimmy Rex is a terrible person and a true Narcissist. He preys on people all around him & the use of doing psychedelic drugs really helps him manipulate his members into going down deep dark paths of destruction. These drug retreats that he puts together often turn into the swapping of wife’s and partners as well. If you look at the men above close to Jimmy and their behaviors being committed to one partner is not part of the plan.

I would advise you strongly to not join WE ARE THE THEY or support Jimmy Rex. He will likely ruin your marriage, get you husband to doubt god and his religion, start using psychedelic drugs, and definitely fleece him for money both through WATT fees, excessive trips, and shady investment deals that only benefit Jimmy Rex and his entourage.

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