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Scam contentsOn August 30, 2023 I received a message from the WHATSAPP platform from +1 (551) 529-8681
recommending a job below
We currently have part-time and full-time jobs, age requirement 25+
*Data Provide Users*
💼*Job scope*
Optimize Data (Non-technical)
Own a Device with network
🕛*Time & Venue*
Own time own target, work remotely
Over 22 years old
💰*Salary Package*
Basic salary + commission system
Part Time - 1000USD- 2000USD Five Days
Full Time - 10000USD- 30000USD Thirty Days
Company and Job Description
This is an App Marketing Company
"Luxoft" and our role in this job is work as a Data Provide User.
It is an international app marketing company, where app developers publish their apps on the
*Luxoft* workbench and all we need to do is help app developers optimize their apps and get data
and traffic.9/15/23, 11:12 AM Mẫu giới thiệu khiếu nại IC3 3/4
The next day I received a message from +44 7367 035880 with instructions on how to work on the platform. After being trained they paid me 70usdt and through the Bybit
cryptocurrency trading platform I withdraw money to the bank.
The salary of this position is settled according to the stage
1. Work for 5 days / get a salary of 800USDT
2. Work for 15 days / get a salary of 1500USDT
3. Work for 30 days / get a salary of 3800USDT
The salary is issued 3 times a month. If you can work continuously for a month, you can receive a
total salary of 6100USDT
In addition to this salary, daily optimization of application tasks will also generate commissions.
The commission income depends on the value of the tasks you encounter. This commission can be
withdrawn every day.
The daily mission must be completed 2 times to sign in you can get a commission of 50 - 200 usdt
for completing 2-3 task daily.
Detail Job Description at in Rules Condition
After 05 working days they paid me 800usdt into the working platform, then I continued to do
tasks to withdraw money, however they continuously assigned me many tasks combined with
increasingly larger negative numbers, to get my money, I deposited 1700usdt, but then a new
combined task appeared and the negative number reached 3116usdt. To withdraw money, I had to
deposit more and complete the task. They invited me to a group and always showed off their life of
eating, shopping, and going out and there are many participants and there are many phone
numbers starting with +44 and +81. Currently I have lost 1700usdt.
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    • Report #696572 10/03/2023 at 01:34 AM

      Hello! This is Louis, I got your phone number from Anne manager of the Lucas Group recruitment company, I heard that you are interested in a job opportunity, if you have time, I'll give you the details.
      This is a Freelance Job (Non-technical & no experience needed), and you only need a device for you to be able to perform the job.
      We will be working as a Data Provider for T2Digital* Company. We will be helping APP developers partnered with T2Digital* to upload data and optimize their apps to g...
      They lie. Don't believe such a great salary. I also believed it and i lost my 1800$. They go on asking deposit for the frozen tasks , and at the end i deposit ed 1800$ there was a negative amount of -3122 , and they want me to deposit it , however they promised there won't be anymore in this 2. Task. So they are scammers and this is a online gambling, nothing more. They told me you are very lucky that i have big amount of negative amount, because i will have big amount of commission. Just all of them lie and losing the money

      Pseudonym : Louis and Anne
      Telephone : +447510779670

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