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Fraudulent website : +12049140259


PseudonymFlitigo Lending
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Telephone+1 204-914-0259 (ou 001204-914-0259) (more info)
Scam contentsHe claims to lend loans at lower interest rates and asked for a fee to be paid before the loan can be received, but I refused because I doubted it.

This is the email he sent me:

Your terms as follow 250k.

250k 4% 120months to payback at monthly payments of $2531.13. This also open loan so you pay off whenever you like

We were able to get your loan approved, however we were only able to get you approved on a secured basis only so, in order for you to get the loan you were given four options to secure the loan. Your (1st) option it’s a collateral option which means it could be house property or vehicle. (2nd) option get someone to cosign for you, 3rd option purchase a security liability insurance. (4th) option you can write a check to the company as a part of security collateral and it would held until loan authorized to your account, bare in mine that this particular option your interest rate would be 15%, depending on the option you choose we could get the loan out for you as early as today

If you’re looking to go with the 3rd option the insurance company normally charge between 8 to 10% prior to the loan amount, but in your case it’s a one time payment of $4677.56 mainly because they see where are you more financially stable, this $4677.56 Security insurance protects you against defaults sickness or family issue and it does get refunded after the first 6 months as long as your accounts remain in good standing,Once your security liability insurance is paid and it’s been verified the loan would release within 45 minutes to an hour direct deposit


Your co-signer must be making minimum 70k per year and have a credit score of 700 upwards, please have your co-signer send us over copy of drivers license and a pay stub

We accept your vehicle only if it’s 2020 upwards fully paid off in your name and worth the loan amount or greater, if so please send us over a copy of vehicle title and also a copy of your drivers license back and front so we could get started with the process
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  • +1 204-914-0259

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    • Ajacks 09/17/2023 at 03:13 PM

      He is a poor scammer he is a fuck head

    • aly 09/19/2023 at 01:32 PM

      had the same thing happen to me, i asked for reviews from the company as i had not seen any, after asking me to pay $1,225.56 for liabilities. The response i got was laughable. “We have no control over whether or not clients wanna give reviews about their private life” wasn’t asking for private life, was asking based on your service. Needless to say i did not proceed, and would advise anyone against doing so as well.


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