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Scam contentsHow regular people are turning oil into risk free paydays
Without investing a penny of their own money, no experience required, and all from the comfort of their home
Comment / ReviewEasy "saudi oil farming secret", this is a scam, they did not provide us with any information about what their "farming method" work, the video is just full of "oh this guy got 40k$ a month doing this simple and super easy thing".

Their terms of service section is dodgy as it's full of "oilfarmsystem does not guarantee..."
What's absurd here is that they are using pictures of Bugatti's and other wreath markers as if it's supposed to prove anything, as if they didn't steal those pictures from a different webpage.
As I'm writing this and listening to their video, so far half way through the video all they did was repeat over and over again that "this is really easy, you'll set your family up for life, this is so easy, i made a lot of money, you can make 5k$ easily".
Stay away.

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      • John Gab 11/24/2023 at 01:54 AM

        This post is not true ive purchased the course and actually learned a lot from it I also signed a wheat contract using the same stuff they teach sounds like some dude just watched the video and thinks its a scam. I purchased it and can say whoever wrote this doesnt know shit

      • emarc 01/13/2024 at 01:19 PM

        Thanks Jab

      • No Rulu 01/23/2024 at 02:17 PM

        John. Can you contact me?

        I'm interested in buying but didn't really want to
        Deal with oil. I like the idea of food though.

      • Vlad 01/29/2024 at 11:53 PM

        This is not a scam. Do your homework on the guy Rashid hes been in the game a long time this is just not true and shows how ignorant people are assuming things from the outside

      • L. S. G. 01/31/2024 at 06:50 AM

        What site are you guys talking about ?

      • Nasco 02/10/2024 at 04:23 AM

        Terrible rip-off. The only people making money on this are the people you send your 67$ to and the only farming that's happening is in a room in India or Russia where they're farming your wallet.

      • Jball 02/20/2024 at 09:39 PM

        I paid the 67$ and when I tried to contact the support the site wouldn't even let me use it. They emailed me with vague responses and out right falsehoods I'm currently waiting on a response now if things turn out good or bad I'll report back

      • John 02/21/2024 at 09:15 PM

        Obviously a scam. The video on YouTube tells you no money startup then you click on the video and at the top of the page clearly states no credit card required however you watch the video for half an hour and there it comes the old "half price deal" limited time. Buy this say bye bye to your money!

      • Wolfman 03/06/2024 at 09:19 AM

        Total scam, follow the course and it tells you to research linkedin which is just full of other people who followed the course cutting and pasting the scrips, if it is not a scam the chances of matching a buyer and seller convincing them you're competent and or legit are about the same ods as winning the lottery!!

      • Doc 04/10/2024 at 01:42 PM

        Absolute scam. They claim in the video to have buyers. Well, I have the suppliers and they never respond to my requests.

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