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Scam contentsOnline platform [virtual retail purchases]
Comment / ReviewI have been lured to deposit funds to the level of c.£3,000

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    • Report #696493 10/02/2023 at 04:05 PM

      Online job scammers.
      Claim their job is to help merchants improve their sales of goods and authenticity of date in the same time generate more profits, in doing so one also earn a salary and commission. Attempt it once and they’ll tell you you need to recharge , meaning one has to pay towards reviewing this companies. Complete and utter scammers. DO NOT TRY THEM . Agent name CAROL

      Pseudonym :
      Telephone : +447597531558

    • Report #697118 10/04/2023 at 08:07 AM

      to boost reviews of various products to help other Sainsbury's&Partner merchants find the best products and increase their sales. This will attract more online shoppers, which will generate profits and we will get paid.
      I was scammed into depositing over 3k in the process of the job just to withdraw my work commission

      Pseudonym : Amelia
      Telephone : +447394271078

      • baba123 10/04/2023 at 09:26 AM

        how much did you pay because they transact in crypto..can i still get my money back?

      • Victor 12/17/2023 at 10:43 AM

        Can someone tell me if we can recover the money? I have more than 3k£

    • Report #698441 10/07/2023 at 04:11 PM

      I have been a victim of scam . This is the website :

      Telephone : +447355105905

      • Shr 01/24/2024 at 01:50 PM

        I can't log in to my account at

    • Report #708993 11/11/2023 at 03:03 PM

      Sainsbury&Partner is a UK e-commerce chain we work with, selling clothing, furniture, electronics, groceries and providing financial services.
      Our job is to help merchants improve their sales of goods and the authenticity of data in the same time, so as to attract more online shoppers and thus generate more profits, while we can also earn a salary from it.
      After the account is registered, the platform will randomly assign 38 orders (1 set) to our account. Every time we submit a order, we will ...
      I was looking for a part-time job and I found an ad on the net about how you get paid to give a positive review at Sainsbury's and I thought Ok, I'll try it myself. every day you had 38 tasks just like when you had package tasks you had to reload the account and so they made me £1300 and no income. long live. be very careful I would really like to recover money from these crooks!!

      Pseudonym : his fraudulent account : 07898910213 Password : 888158
      Telephone : +447871432428

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