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Comment / ReviewThis was an exact copy of the Orla Kiely website I could not find anything at time of ordering the goods to suggest or alert it was a scam - only afterwards did it occur about the big reductions but did genuinely think it was a “Big Sale”! I completed my purchase in GBP 27.00 but following that I received a message to say my purchase was incomplete. On submitting my payment details again there were now two orders raised and second one was slightly different amounts for 27.82 but now in USD. Already I was too late already the transaction had gone through. Currently they are pending in my account, I am advised by the bank to await 15 working days before a dispute can be raised. To allow for delivery of goods.
The shock is how genuine the websites are set up including all the Orla Kiely layouts in each section I wish I had been wise to the “incomplete” request…… I have used a debit card and it is possible they were seeking a credit card transaction…… Anyhow still feel duped and stupid!

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    • Judge Dredd 09/18/2023 at 05:59 AM

      The website appears to centralize orders made across various websites, prompting concerns from internet users about its legitimacy. A majority of the feedback from consumers points towards potentially suspicious activities surrounding this platform. Several users shared experiences of purchasing products from sites that visually mimicked reputable brands such as Orla Kiely, Cath Kidston, and Joules. Often, the products were offered at notably reduced prices, with some describing the imitation websites as "identical" to the official ones. These compelling reductions led consumers to think they had stumbled upon a significant sale.

      Upon completing a purchase, some buyers reported receiving notifications indicating their transaction was incomplete, only to later find multiple transactions initiated from their accounts. This discrepancy, paired with the unfamiliar currency conversion from GBP to USD in some cases, raised alarms. Several users, after waiting for their orders for an extended period, were left empty-handed, suggesting the site might be unreliable. The sentiment of feeling "duped" and regret over not identifying these red flags earlier was a recurring theme in the feedback.

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    • Tess 08/31/2023 at 05:08 PM

      I have experienced a similar thing, same name and email but for a Kath Kidston clearance sale. Around 30£. I got an email saying I needed to complete the payment but later on that the shipment had been sent. Two weeks later I still haven't received anything so I think it was a scam :(

    • Fer 09/01/2023 at 06:39 AM

      Hi, I had same experience with cath kadiston website. I ordered from Cath kadiston website on May 2023 and received order. Last week, i ordered from the site I got in google search and got order confirmation from someone called Mary. The tracking is through this website I compared the confirmation with the one I got for my order in May 2023 and started suspecting scam. When i checked the urls in islegit tool , the two sites were created two weeks ago.

    • B carrol 09/16/2023 at 10:41 AM

      Sadly I too have paid 29.99 to this scam. When I queried my delivery order I was responded to from Mary. Feel very stupid. MX107Y--2023082611614272_1693049232

    • Sue 09/17/2023 at 04:25 AM

      I have been conned too for £51-57 for White Stuff items. I will certainly be more careful in the future. The site I ordered from was identical to the real one!

    • Sonoo 09/17/2023 at 01:18 PM

      Me too, on White Stuff and Joules - both sites identical to real one. £90 between both. I worry that they have my credit card details.

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